Buy virtual number to receive SMS on Alibaba

Alibaba is the world's largest online platform for the sale of goods and services, which was founded in China in 1999. The service provides its users with the opportunity to buy and sell goods and services from all over the world. The advantages of Alibaba are that the service provides its users with a wide variety of goods and services at affordable prices. Besides, Alibaba offers flexible delivery and payment terms, which makes the service more attractive tin usage. With this service, users can quickly and easily find the necessary product or service and order it with delivery to their home or office. You can register additional accounts on Alibaba by purchasing a virtual number for receiving SMS on 5SIM

The process of getting a phone number to receive SMS from Alibaba:

Go through the authorization

Top up the balance

Top up the electronic balance with any of the provided methods by clicking on the profile icon, then click on "Top up balance".

Select the service

In the menu on the left select the service Alibaba, from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

Select the country

Select the country of a virtual phone number.

Select the operator and click on the "Buy" button

The cost of the SMS receiving service depends on the selected operator. Each operator has SMS delivery rate statistics in percentage from the selected website or app. We suggest to choose the operator with the highest percentage of SMS rate.

Use the received phone number

Use the received phone number-click on the "Copy" button and paste the phone number into the target field, further:
Click "Cancel" to stop the purchase process.
Click "Ban" if the number has already been used.

Receive SMS

After receiving a virtual number, accept an unlimited quantity of SMS from one website or app within 5-30 minutes. In some cases, if the SMS does not arrive within 5 minutes, the order is canceled automatically. There are directions (service, country, operator), on which it is possible to receive only 1 SMS. More detailed about receiving SMS see Receive SMS.