Virtual Numbers for Receiving SMS Codes and Registering at any Platform

When registering on social media platforms, messengers, C2C platforms, and other websites, users may be required to complete SMS verification. 5SIM offers a way to bypass said verification thanks to temporary virtual phone numbers — you no longer have to rely on your actual phone number. Create multiple accounts on various platforms by receiving a verification code online.

About 5SIM

Over 500,000 Numbers Originating from Around 180 Countries Online

Over 500,000 Numbers Originating from Around 180 Countries Online

Here you can find virtual numbers from more than 180 countries. You can find phone numbers originating from pretty much anywhere, including the UK, Russia, Sweden, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Canada, the USA, Thailand, the Netherlands, Spain, etc.

New Virtual Numbers Added Daily

New Virtual Numbers Added Daily

Receive unlimited verification codes for any website or app of your choice. Here, the pricing starts at one ruble for a single number, and you will not have to pay for monthly SIM plans too

Single-Use Numbers and Multiple SMS Deliveries

Single-Use Numbers and Multiple SMS Deliveries

Get a phone number whenever you want. The process relies on automation heavily, so you should be able to receive an SMS code instantly. Become capable of creating any account in just three minutes

API for Developers and Regular Users

API for Developers and Regular Users

Enable bulk account registration via our SMS delivery service combined with quality proxy/VPN, in-browser user agent, and reliable software

Low Commission Fees

Low Commission Fees

Add funds to your 5SIM balance while spending as little as you can on commission fees via Visa/Mastercard/MIR, QIWI, UnionPay, KakaoPay, etc.

Support Available 24/7

Support Available 24/7

To find and purchase only the most fitting numbers, contact our support agents anytime via Freshdesk or Telegram

What You Can Do with Temporary Phone Numbers:

Bulk Registration for Earning and Meetings Personal Needs

When creating an account, you may be asked to verify your phone number, and in most cases you can create only one account using a single number. However, with virtual numbers you will be able to create accounts without limitations. You could find this useful if you are a webmaster or an SMM/ORM specialist who views accounts as tools for marketing.

Stay Anonymous

It is well-known that you could get doxed simply because of your phone number—your full name, passport, ID number, and address could go public. You can avoid data leaks by using our SMS delivery platform.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

You have likely faced websites asking you to enter a phone number to download a file without a speed limit. By entering your phone number on such websites, you risk subscribing to a paid service unwillingly. Therefore, we recommend using a disposable number.

Get Discounts by Participating in Giveaways

Many platforms and online stores hold giveaways, where you have to submit a phone number in order to get a gift. In such cases, gifts are given out on a per-person basis — and that’s what SMS verifications are implemented for. By using virtual numbers for receiving SMS codes online, you get an opportunity to bypass any kind of restrictions and enjoy free bonuses in any quantities.

Get Rid of Geographical Restrictions

Certain online projects ban numbers originating from particular countries. The reasons may vary, for example, a Ukrainian website is often restricted for Russian users and vice versa. Sometimes, a text message from a Belarusian operator may not reach the non-Belarusian user. To register on such web zones, you better receive SMS codes using temporary phone numbers.

Who Can Benefit from Receiving SMS Codes Online


SMM specialists


Those involved in bulk account registration

SERM and ORM specialists

Anyone who wants to get a discount

Anyone who needs to create a second account on Instagram, VK, TikTok, Telegram, etc.

Your phone and SIM card are no longer a requirement — all you need is Internet access

How to Receive an SMS using a Virtual Number

Start off by Logging in or Signing up


Get a Virtual Phone Number

Choose the service, country and operator you need, and buy a number; alternatively, sort the numbers the other way around and first choose the country, then service and operator


Use the Virtual Number to Receive an SMS code

Copy the phone number you received and paste it to the registration form of the service that you need an SMS code for


Complete Verification

Use the verification code from the SMS you received to register an account on the service of your choice

Purchase as many numbers as you need: We welcome both wholesale and retail customers.

If you’ve never met this type of service before, try getting the free numbers offered by 5SIM — use them to try and register on the platform you need.