Buy virtual number to receive SMS on Linkedin

LinkedIn is one of the largest international websites for professionals of different industries. Millions of employees are registered here: from the field of IT, language translations, design, video game creation, and so on. The total number of participants is more than 850 million people. The social network has become famous due to an extensive database of employers, who place thousands of vacancies daily. Specialists from different fields use LinkedIn to post their CVs and announce themselves to a multimillion-dollar audience.

In some countries, LinkedIn is banned for local users. The website and the app are unavailable, and registration is only possible for users from other regions. If you are also experiencing difficulties with accessing the social network, we recommend buying virtual numbers for LinkedIn, which will help circumvent the restrictions. The advantage of this method is that the numbers of other countries become available without leaving home.

Virtual numbers for LinkedIn differ from physical ones by several parameters:

  • The purpose of a virtual number is to accept SMS, there are no other functions. Therefore, the number is issued for 10-15 minutes and costs from USD 0.007 (for LinkedIn).
  • There is no need to pay the tariff as on a SIM card.
  • The personal number is protected from spam calls and SMS.
  • The opportunity of renting numbers of other countries.
  • Unlimited quantity of numbers available to one user.
  • Main functions of LinkedIn

    Let's figure out why this platform is so famous among specialists from different industries. Like any social network, LinkedIn supports the creation of a profile (name, status, personal information, photos and other information). There is also a news feed where recommended content and updates from friends are visible.

    And now let's move on to more specific functions of LinkedIn:

  • Built-in tools for job search and hiring. LinkedIn has managed to create a convenient platform that unites employers and professionals from all over the world.
  • Built-in platform for storing presentations, research and other useful materials.
  • Learning platform. "LinkedIn Learning" offers professional development through a variety of courses covering different subjects.
  • Benefits of LinkedIn for business

    Social networks are an important tool for establishing contacts with the audience. Here companies tell more about the brand, conduct surveys, organize contests and share work stories. All this allows to create the effect of live communication with the brand and increase customer loyalty.

    However, it is more difficult for young organizations to move into a social network. Subscribers are gaining slowly and expensively, there are no budgets for tests. The solution here is to buy virtual numbers for LinkedIn. This unconventional way of promotion works due to a large quantity of accounts that are easy to create with the help of virtual numbers.

    Why several LinkedIn accounts are needed

  • Send a newsletter to the target audience with advertising materials (if you send dozens of messages a day from one account, it will be quickly banned).
  • Comment and rate other users' posts to draw attention to your own pages.
  • Artificially increase activity on your accounts through comments and rates.
  • Increase the reach of posts by publishing them on several accounts at once.
  • All of the above-mentioned methods are effective only if you have several accounts. However, registering them is not a problem when there are virtual numbers from 5sim.

    LinkedIn helps to find like-minded people, make a career, look for employees and provides businesses with opportunities to promote the brand. As the digital era gains momentum, LinkedIn is becoming an important tool for strengthening business relationships.

    The process of getting a phone number to receive SMS from Linkedin:

    Complete Authorization

    Top Up your Balance

    Add funds to your balance via any of the payment methods offered by our website; to access them, click on the profile icon, then click "Top up balance".

    Select a Service

    In the menu on the left select the service Linkedin, from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

    Select the country

    You can Choose the country which you want your numbers to originate from.

    Select an Operator and Click "Buy"

    Apply the Phone Number that You Received

    Use the phone number where needed — copy and paste it in the required input window, or:
    Click "Cancel" in case you do not wish to continue the verification process.
    Click "Ban" if the number has already been used.

    Receive an SMS Code

    Once you purchase a virtual number, you can get up to an unlimited amount of SMS codes for a certain website or app within 5-30 minutes. If a code is not delivered within five minutes, the order — in some cases — will be canceled automatically. Some service/country/operator combinations make it possible to receive only one SMS code. Click here to learn more about SMS code delivery.