Buy virtual number to receive SMS on Ifood

People began to cook less at home, preferring simpler options for getting food. The culprits of the changes are ready-made food delivery services that will bring hot dishes to your address at a bargain price. For example, the Latin American company Ifood, which is ready to feed customers in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

To use the service, create an account through the official website or mobile app, then go through the verification via a phone number. This procedure is necessary to confirm the identity of users and protect the platform from hacker attacks. If this method of registration does not suit you, try to buy a virtual number for Ifood. This tool will provide protection from unwanted calls and SMS, and will also allow to constantly order discounted food delivery.

Functionality of Ifood

Ifood cooperates with thousands of restaurants and cafes where you can order food for delivery or pickup. The company provides a variety of cuisine and a fast courier service that will deliver the order in 30-60 minutes. Ifood also invests in apps and task automation. As a result, you get:

  • Opportunity to track the status of the order, as well as the location of the courier. The information appears automatically, immediately after registration.
  • A variety of payment methods: bank cards, E-wallets, transfers, cash payment.
  • Rating system of restaurants and cafes, which contains reviews from real users, prices and other information that will help you make a choice.
  • Generous gifts for new and existing users. For example, at the time of writing, Ifood has a coupon that replenishes the balance of new users by USD 15.
  • How to use a virtual number for Ifood

    For registration on Ifood, you need a number of the country which the platform supports. This is becoming a problem for visitors who have recently found themselves in Latin America. To order food at home, you have to deal with the local conditions of mobile communication and overpay for unnecessary services. An easy way to avoid this — to buy a virtual number for Ifood. Use the SMS receiving service 5sim to get the number of the desired country without leaving home. You will not have to pay for the tariff or issue documents, the price includes only receiving SMS from the necessary website or app.

    Also, virtual numbers will be useful to users who want to save on delivery. The Ifood welcome bonus is given once, so the rest of the orders are paid at full cost. And to create new accounts, additional numbers are needed, which are easy to buy on 5sim. The cost of the service starts from USD 0.03. There are also no restrictions on the quantity of numbers you can rent. Get registered on Ifood before each order to receive a welcome coupon.

    Virtual numbers from 5sim will help to circumvent territorial restrictions, create an additional account and endlessly enjoy bonuses from any websites and apps on which verification via SMS is needed. This is a simple and convenient tool that is available from anywhere in the world with the Internet.

    The process of getting a phone number to receive SMS from Ifood:

    Complete Authorization

    Top Up your Balance

    Add funds to your balance via any of the payment methods offered by our website; to access them, click on the profile icon, then click "Top up balance".

    Select a Service

    In the menu on the left select the service Ifood, from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

    Select the country

    You can Choose the country which you want your numbers to originate from.

    Select an Operator and Click "Buy"

    Apply the Phone Number that You Received

    Use the phone number where needed — copy and paste it in the required input window, or:
    Click "Cancel" in case you do not wish to continue the verification process.
    Click "Ban" if the number has already been used.

    Receive an SMS Code

    Once you purchase a virtual number, you can get up to an unlimited amount of SMS codes for a certain website or app within 5-30 minutes. If a code is not delivered within five minutes, the order — in some cases — will be canceled automatically. Some service/country/operator combinations make it possible to receive only one SMS code. Click here to learn more about SMS code delivery.