Buy virtual number to receive SMS on Dream11

The world of fantasy sports is experiencing a surge in popularity, capturing sports fans and offering them an exciting gaming experience. Among the leading platforms in this area, Dream11 stands out. Try yourself in an exciting game called "Fantasy Cricket" and others — here users assemble a team of the best athletes in the world to participate in virtual competitions.

Dream11 imposes restrictions on users who are located outside of India. In order to get registered, you need a local number to which you will receive an SMS with a code. If you live outside India and still want to try yourself at fantasy sports, India virtual numbers for Dream11 will come to the rescue. This tool is available to the user from any country, because it is issued remotely. Also, you will not need to fill in documents with passport data — get an Indian number without any red tape.

Main functions of Dream11

Dream11 is focused primarily on passionate fans of different sports leagues. These people have knowledge about the individual capabilities of the players and gain an advantage over other players because they collect balanced squads.

Fantasy sports is based on the real results of famous athletes and gives players the opportunity to collect virtual squads from different teams. To get closer to the real conditions, the budget for the team building is limited — you will not combine the best athletes into one team. The results of virtual matches are unpredictable, just like in real life. This algorithm has made fantasy sports a part of the global gaming industry. As in real matches, the owners of virtual teams are watching the progress of the game with trepidation and hope that their team will win.

The social interaction features on Dream11, including personal contests and leaderboards, promote healthy competition and user engagement. Statistics of indicators in real matches and other historical data are kept for virtual players. This allows to make informed decisions that increase the effectiveness of teams.

How to make money on Dream11 with virtual numbers

After getting registered on Dream11, you will get a welcome bonus to the first deposit of up to 100%. The campaign allows to attract more active users, but after registration there will be no such proposals. To receive a deposit bonus constantly, use virtual numbers for Dream11 and register a new account before each deposit. Temporary numbers are issued to users in unlimited quantities and cost from USD 0.13.

As you can see, the procedure does not require a SIM card or other tools. Virtual numbers are an easy way to get registered on Dream11 or another service.

It is not mandatory to make a deposit on Dream11. It is only needed to participate in tournaments with a large prize fund and matches where the winner gets a predetermined bid amount. If you are going to try yourself in money competitions and earn on Dream11, Indian virtual numbers will increase the probability of success. By getting a bonus with each deposit, you will save a significant amount of money.

The process of getting a phone number to receive SMS from Dream11:

Go through the authorization

Top up the balance

Top up the electronic balance with any of the provided methods by clicking on the profile icon, then click on "Top up balance".

Select the service

In the menu on the left select the service Dream11, from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

Select the country

Select the country of a virtual phone number.

Select the operator and click on the "Buy" button

The cost of the SMS receiving service depends on the selected operator. Each operator has SMS delivery rate statistics in percentage from the selected website or app. We suggest to choose the operator with the highest percentage of SMS rate.

Use the received phone number

Use the received phone number-click on the "Copy" button and paste the phone number into the target field, further:
Click "Cancel" to stop the purchase process.
Click "Ban" if the number has already been used.

Receive SMS

After receiving a virtual number, accept an unlimited quantity of SMS from one website or app within 5-30 minutes. In some cases, if the SMS does not arrive within 5 minutes, the order is canceled automatically. There are directions (service, country, operator), on which it is possible to receive only 1 SMS. More detailed about receiving SMS see Receive SMS.