Buy virtual number to receive SMS on Ace2three

Ace2Three is an online gaming platform specializing in Rummy — a popular card game in India. Players compete with each other in individual and group competitions, as well as participate in large-scale tournaments with a prize fund. Ace2Three also offers users other games: fantasy sports, cards and slot machines. The platform works through a mobile app, which is available on the official website.

In order to get registered on Ace2Three, it is required to confirm the phone number via SMS. This is a mandatory procedure that helps to ensure a fair and safe gameplay. However, some users have difficulty with registration — the platform requires an Indian number. If you live in another country, we recommend buying a virtual number for Ace2Three. The SMS receiving service 5sim provides users with numbers, which are issued remotely, from 180 countries of the world.

Capabilities of Ace2Three

First of all, players can enjoy different variations of the traditional Rummy game, which uses two decks of cards and two jokers. The term for winning is the formation of sets and sequences of cards. The platform also offers other capabilities:

  • Tournaments with a prize fund of up to USD 3 million are held for professional players. Previews on new events are regularly published on the Ace2Three website and in the app, in which anyone willing can participate. Tournaments are the main advantage of the platform. The big prizes are due to the popularity of Ace2Three in broad circles — the strongest players gather from all over the world to show their skills in Rummy.
  • Individual games also allow users to earn. Choose your opponent and fight for real money. For beginners, there are training games that will help hone the skills without risking your means.
  • If you are tired from the intense Rummy competition, try to change the situation and spend time in slot machines or other games where everything depends only on luck. Ace2Three offers users entertainment for every taste.
  • To track the results of other players, rating tables are provided on the platform. This function heats up the rival spirit, because everyone wants to be at the top of the ranking.
  • Secure payment methods are available for depositing funds to Ace2Three. Top up in a convenient way, without fear for your bank details.
  • Why virtual numbers for Ace2Three are needed

    First of all, virtual numbers for Ace2Three will be useful for users who don't have a suitable SIM card for registration. This also applies to users who have recently moved to India and have not yet figured out the conditions of local mobile connection. Also, virtual numbers will help protect your personal SIM card from unwanted SMS and calls.

    Another reason why virtual numbers for Ace2Three are in demand is the opportunity to create additional accounts. This is due to the welcome bonuses and referral program on the platform. For example, after installing the app and confirming the phone number, you will get a bonus of up to 10,000 rupees. And for a user who creates an Ace2Three account using your referral link, a bonus of up to 15,000 rupees is prescribed. It is problematic to create additional accounts with conventional SIM cards, since a new number is required for each account.

    Virtual numbers are good because they are rented remotely and without filling in documents. Purchase any quantity of numbers and get bonuses on Ace2Three. To get the most out of the platform, register accounts using your referral link to get two bonuses at once. This money cannot be withdrawn immediately: first you need to win it back. However, it is better to play with someone else's money than to deposit your own. Use virtual numbers for Ace2Three and earn with 5sim!

    The process of getting a phone number to receive SMS from Ace2three:

    Complete Authorization

    Top Up your Balance

    Add funds to your balance via any of the payment methods offered by our website; to access them, click on the profile icon, then click "Top up balance".

    Select a Service

    In the menu on the left select the service Ace2three, from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

    Select the country

    You can Choose the country which you want your numbers to originate from.

    Select an Operator and Click "Buy"

    Apply the Phone Number that You Received

    Use the phone number where needed — copy and paste it in the required input window, or:
    Click "Cancel" in case you do not wish to continue the verification process.
    Click "Ban" if the number has already been used.

    Receive an SMS Code

    Once you purchase a virtual number, you can get up to an unlimited amount of SMS codes for a certain website or app within 5-30 minutes. If a code is not delivered within five minutes, the order — in some cases — will be canceled automatically. Some service/country/operator combinations make it possible to receive only one SMS code. Click here to learn more about SMS code delivery.