The phone number has already been used

For refund you need to:
1. Write the order number or phone number.
2. IT IS OBLIGATORY to attach a screenshot showing the registration process or, if you have entered the account successfully, send the account activity history; orders in account with the date earlier your purchase of number.

On one screenshot from the service of activation please fix registration process with the following information so that we can determine that the problem arose with this particular number:

- Phone number;
- Registration time;
- Confirmation code from SMS;
- Notification showing that phone number is already in use. IF e-mail has already been added to the account - dates of changes to the account.

If you use the app and pages with data about number, account activity and order history are different, please send a video to capture all the data. If you got a 2FA-protected TELEGRAM account, we can make you a refund only in case you provide a video proving the issue. The video should contain all of the above-mentioned details as well as the 2FA password notification. We do not provide refunds for numbers purchased via API.

Special cases you can find p. 11 rules
Full information you can also find in FAQ
If you used the account for your own purposes, refund will not be carried out for the number.