Buy virtual number to receive SMS on Netflix

Watching movies or TV shows after a hard day is a traditional entertainment all over the world. However, it is difficult to find a platform that will provide content in good quality and for every taste. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph saw this need and created the Netflix service, which has become the world's most popular platform for viewing video content. Thousands of films, series, documentaries and TV shows have gathered in one place and are available in 190 countries.

For registration on Netflix, go to the official website or download the app. Next, you need to specify an email address or phone number, then go through verification. At this stage, the platform sets the user's location. If you live in a region where Netflix is not available, we recommend buying a virtual number from another country to confirm your account. Otherwise, access to the platform will be closed. Also, virtual numbers will help reduce the cost of subscription: about this it is written in more details at the end of the article.

Capabilities of Netflix

Netflix strives to provide users with diversity, the best voice acting in different languages and high quality videos. Viewers like this approach, so they are ready to pay for a monthly subscription, without which access to content is closed. Part of the funds goes to ensure Netflix buying the rights of copyright, as well as maintain the current level of quality. Therefore, there are advantages that make the platform one of the best in the world:

  • Netflix offers more than 3,000 original series, as well as more than 12,000 movies and TV shows.
  • The opportunity to select video quality from 480p to 1080p, depending on Internet speed and preferences.
  • Chromecast and Android TV support to stream Netflix content to other devices.
  • The opportunity to download movies and TV shows to your device to watch without an Internet connection.
  • How to use virtual numbers for Netflix

    Virtual number for Netflix is a service that is needed for quick verification on the platform. You don’t need to buy a SIM card or leave home, the SMS receiving service 5sim issues numbers remotely and without linking to your identity. The cost of the service starts from USD 0.02, so verification by a virtual number is more convenient than by other methods. It also becomes possible to choose a number from one of 180 countries in order to circumvent territorial restrictions or reduce the subscription cost.

    The price of Netflix services depends on the country in which the user is located. It is not enough to specify the appropriate region in the settings and hope that the platform will believe you. You need to change the IP and buy a number of the country where the subscription is cheaper. If we compare the USA and Turkey, then in the second case the cost of Netflix is twice cheaper.

    Virtual numbers from 5sim will help enjoy all the benefits of Netflix at the lowest price. Even territorial restrictions are not an obstacle, since the numbers of different countries are available. As a bonus, you get protection of your personal number from unwanted SMS and calls. The temporary number also works for other websites and apps on which verification through SIM card is required.

    The process of getting a phone number to receive SMS from Netflix:

    Complete Authorization

    Top Up your Balance

    Add funds to your balance via any of the payment methods offered by our website; to access them, click on the profile icon, then click "Top up balance".

    Select a Service

    In the menu on the left select the service Netflix, from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

    Select the country

    You can Choose the country which you want your numbers to originate from.

    Select an Operator and Click "Buy"

    Apply the Phone Number that You Received

    Use the phone number where needed — copy and paste it in the required input window, or:
    Click "Cancel" in case you do not wish to continue the verification process.
    Click "Ban" if the number has already been used.

    Receive an SMS Code

    Once you purchase a virtual number, you can get up to an unlimited amount of SMS codes for a certain website or app within 5-30 minutes. If a code is not delivered within five minutes, the order — in some cases — will be canceled automatically. Some service/country/operator combinations make it possible to receive only one SMS code. Click here to learn more about SMS code delivery.