Buy virtual number to receive SMS on Instagram/Threads

Instagram is a social network focused on visual content. The platform attracts creative people who run their blog, decorating it with photos or images. Instagram has restrictions on the number of text in posts, so the social network teaches to express your thoughts compressively.

The full functionality of Instagram is available only through the app, which is distributed on the Play Market and AppStore. To create a profile on a social network, select a username, fill in your personal data and set an avatar. You will also need to confirm your phone number via SMS. This procedure allows to reduce the percentage of scammers and bots in the social network, but sometimes ordinary users also experience difficulties with verification. For example, if the service is not available in your country or you need to create an additional profile, and there is no other SIM card at hand. In such a situation, we recommend buying a virtual number for Instagram — this method makes the social network accessible to everyone.

Functionality of Instagram

Since its inception, Instagram has grown from a narrowly focused social network into a multifunctional platform where millions of users spend their time every day. Let's take a closer look at what tools Instagram provides:

  • Various filters, stickers, labels and graphic elements are provided for working with images and videos.
  • Stories that are visible to other users for the first 24 hours after publication, then become unavailable. This is the main trick of Instagram, which allows you to broadcast your life daily.
  • IGTV is an Instagram platform where users upload and watch long videos that include entertainment and educational content.
  • The "Overview" page, which presents content, created on the basis of user interests and interactions. Helps to find new accounts, interesting posts and trends.
  • The opportunity to send private messages to other users, share photos, videos and participate in group conversations.
  • Instagram Live: feature for live video streaming to your subscribers in real time. Viewers have the opportunity to leave reactions through comments and likes.
  • Reels function — short entertaining videos that allow to watch a lot of diverse content in a short time.
  • Why virtual numbers for Instagram are needed

    There are many famous bloggers on Instagram who lead the audience. This is used by entrepreneurs and they buy advertising from large accounts to increase brand awareness. Bloggers themselves earn good money on Instagram, as there are many monetization options: advertising in posts, stories, reels, or videos. However, it is not easy for novice bloggers to cope with the competition and win the first audience. Therefore, you need to know different tricks for promotion without a large budget. For example, use virtual numbers for Instagram.

    How virtual numbers help promotion on Instagram

    Online promotion is a whole science that cannot be fully studied. However, there are some methods that have proven their effectiveness. For example, publishing Reels. The format of short videos has been embedded in almost all popular social networks since its appearance, because it attracts the audience well.

    Reels algorithms are built in such a way that in some cases the same video gets 500 views on one profile, and 100,000 views on the other. To increase the chances of success, we recommend posting videos from several accounts at once. Virtual numbers for Instagram will help in this.

    Another way to use additional accounts on a social network is to maintain activity on your own page. Users are more willing to get acquainted with the content if they see a lot of likes and heated discussions in the comments.

    Do not forget about mailing. This method of promotion still remains one of the most effective at low costs. Send advertising messages to the target audience in order to interest them in your product. However, this also can’t be managed without virtual numbers, the social network sets limits on sending messages from one profile. In case of showing high activity, the profile will be frozen or banned.

    Benefits of virtual numbers for Instagram

    Virtual number for receiving SMS is a service that was created specifically for registration on online services. It allows user to get the desired number quickly and bypass verification on Instagram or on another platform. The cost is several times lower (from USD 0.01) than that of a SIM card. And you also get other benefits:

  • Protection of your personal number from unwanted calls and SMS.
  • Possibility to rent numbers of more than 180 countries of the world.
  • A simple procedure for obtaining a number — without filling in documents and going to the mobile phone store.
  • The process of getting a phone number to receive SMS from Instagram/Threads:

    Go through the authorization

    Top up the balance

    Top up the electronic balance with any of the provided methods by clicking on the profile icon, then click on "Top up balance".

    Select the service

    In the menu on the left select the service Instagram/Threads, from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

    Select the country

    Select the country of a virtual phone number.

    Select the operator and click on the "Buy" button

    The cost of the SMS receiving service depends on the selected operator. Each operator has SMS delivery rate statistics in percentage from the selected website or app. We suggest to choose the operator with the highest percentage of SMS rate.

    Use the received phone number

    Use the received phone number-click on the "Copy" button and paste the phone number into the target field, further:
    Click "Cancel" to stop the purchase process.
    Click "Ban" if the number has already been used.

    Receive SMS

    After receiving a virtual number, accept an unlimited quantity of SMS from one website or app within 5-30 minutes. In some cases, if the SMS does not arrive within 5 minutes, the order is canceled automatically. There are directions (service, country, operator), on which it is possible to receive only 1 SMS. More detailed about receiving SMS see Receive SMS.

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