Buy virtual number to receive SMS on Bigolive

If you like to watch or stream, then you've obviously heard about the Bigolive platform. More than 400 million people gathered here, who enjoy interesting content every day. On Bigolive, streamers show the gameplay, communicate with the audience, hold lectures, organize contests and much more. To connect to the platform, go to the official website or download the app, then get registered.

At the stage of creating a profile, you will be asked to confirm your phone number. In order not to use a personal SIM card for registration, we suggest buying a virtual number for Bigolive. This tool is convenient because it works remotely and does not depend on your geolocation. The SMS receiving service 5sim provides numbers from more than 180 countries — rent the one that suits you best.

A virtual number for Bigolive is useful for users who value privacy. When you don’t use your personal SIM card for registration on online services, it is insured against unwanted calls and SMS. Also, a temporary number will help you create an additional account on the streaming platform if you were previously banned.

Functionality of Bigolive

The main direction of the platform is live broadcasts, which are complemented by interaction with the audience. For example, viewers give streamers virtual gifts that are purchased for real money. In the future, these gifts are cashed back into the currency and withdrawn from the platform. This is one of the ways streamers earn money on Bigolive. There is also an online chat on the broadcasts, where viewers share their impressions on the stream and discuss interesting topics.

Bigolive attracts streamers by giving them several opportunities to earn money. In addition to virtual gifts, there is an opportunity to promote partner products and sell advertising.

In the main menu of the platform there are filters by genre, popularity and geolocation of streams. Bigolive also allows making calls and creating voice chats. Various effects and masks are provided for streamers, which add brightness to broadcasts.

Why virtual numbers for Bigolive are needed

On streaming platforms, content authors compete with each other for an audience. In order to get into the recommendations and be above others in the search system, active viewers are needed. Sometimes it is difficult for beginners to fight monopolists, even if there is high-quality content. In this case, virtual numbers for Bigolive, which are needed to create additional accounts, will help. Use accounts to connect to your own streams and increase audience activity. This way you will quickly rise in the ranking and declare yourself with minimal advertising costs.

Conventional SIM cards are not suitable for creating a large number of accounts. To issue them, you need to go to the mobile phone salon and fill in documents for each number. You will also have to pay for an unnecessary tariff, which is enabled by default. This causes difficulties with promotion.

Virtual numbers for Bigolive are sharpened for account registration. There is no need to pay for extra functions, carry out a long registration or go to a communication salon. Use the SMS receiving service 5sim to rent numbers for Bigolive at a price of USD 0.05 without leaving home.

The process of getting a phone number to receive SMS from Bigolive:

Go through the authorization

Top up the balance

Top up the electronic balance with any of the provided methods by clicking on the profile icon, then click on "Top up balance".

Select the service

In the menu on the left select the service Bigolive, from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

Select the country

Select the country of a virtual phone number.

Select the operator and click on the "Buy" button

The cost of the SMS receiving service depends on the selected operator. Each operator has SMS delivery rate statistics in percentage from the selected website or app. We suggest to choose the operator with the highest percentage of SMS rate.

Use the received phone number

Use the received phone number-click on the "Copy" button and paste the phone number into the target field, further:
Click "Cancel" to stop the purchase process.
Click "Ban" if the number has already been used.

Receive SMS

After receiving a virtual number, accept an unlimited quantity of SMS from one website or app within 5-30 minutes. In some cases, if the SMS does not arrive within 5 minutes, the order is canceled automatically. There are directions (service, country, operator), on which it is possible to receive only 1 SMS. More detailed about receiving SMS see Receive SMS.

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