The created account was banned after a while

According to clause 9 of the website operation rules (, we are not responsible for the ban of registered accounts, since ban is affected by many factors. Refund or numbers replacement are not stipulated in this case.

One of the most common reasons for ban is the discrepancy between your IP address and the geolocation of the purchased phone number. You can learn more about account registration methods on specialized forums.

We are not engaged in accounts registration, our task is to issue SMS-code for account verification

General recommendations:

1) Use high-quality proxy/VPN. For example, exclusive/private proxy. Upon 2 or more accounts authorization you have to use different proxies.

2) Use different devices to login to several accounts. You have to use various profile programs and services. Different devices are:

- Changing user-agent in the browser, using special browsers, which change the given device themselves;

- Computer, second computer; phone, second phone.

3) Perform human-like actions: filling in pages, subscribing to several people, uploading several photos, reposting entries, putting likes, writing comments.