Leave a feedback about 5SIM

Leave a positive detailed feedback about 5SIM service on well-known platforms, forums and get rewarded!

The feedback should contain at least 3 criteria from the given points:

1. Price-performance ratio;
2. Rapidity and promptness (this service is available on 24/7);
3. Flexibility and diversity (availability of numbers from various countries and communication operators);
4. Usability (interface and functionality of the service);
5. Customer support quality;
6. Willingness to recommend our service;
7. Please describe the positive usage experience:

- Service name;
- The country of purchased number;
- The quantity of purchases;
- The term of using 5SIM service.

Reward: RUB 50 to the 5SIM account balance. Send the link to the feedback to Telegram @Help5sim.

Mandatory conditions:

- the account that was left the feedback should belong to you;
- there are no other SMS services in the feedback.