Virtual numbers for Gmail

Gmail is a free web-service of email provided by Google Corporation. Gmail allows users to send and receive emails, filter messages and block spam. The advantage of the service is that it provides 15GB for storing email data. There is also an opportunity to use the voice and video chat function, provided that a microphone and/or webcam are connected.

Google has many functions to improve the user data security. Gmail is the most trusted of all other ones (for example, Mail, Yandex, Yahoo), since it uses bot protection system. Upon registration of a Google account, there is a need to confirm the phone number. If you have any difficulties with this, use virtual numbers .

Receive SMS online from Gmail

virtual numbers to receive SMS from gmail

A virtual number will help circumvent the restrictions when creating an account on any services, websites and apps. It is convenient because you get the opportunity to choose a number from 180+ countries of the world. A physical SIM card is not needed for a temporary number: all actions and information transfer is carried out through the Internet. Meanwhile, you also receive calls, SMS messages and get registered on websites or messengers. The cost of virtual numbers is much lower than that of physical ones. This, in its turn, opens up new horizons for earnings. By purchasing virtual numbers, you have the opportunity to register an unlimited quantity of Google accounts and sell them at a good price.

In order to get access to Gmail, it is necessary to create a Google account. This is quite simple to do. Specify the name, password, date of birth and phone number. The system will also offer to create an account for Gmail. When you log in to your Google account, you automatically log in to Gmail and vice versa. In such a way access to other Google services, including YouTube, Google Play, Google Docs, Google Calendar and others is opened.

Gmail is advantageous to use in the field of Email marketing. Here we are talking about mailing lists: you create various kinds of content in the form of surveys, notifications, reminders, fresh news: in other words, you stir the interest of the audience. Of all the marketing tools, Email newsletters are the most profitable at a price. This is how business constantly interacts with the client: maintaining long-term relationships and exchanging information.

Google is so trusted that a quick registration on many Internet services is available through an account on this platform. It is considered that if a user has a Google account, he is definitely not a bot.

Buy a phone number for Google account registration

how to buy number for gmail

Purchase of a virtual number will help solve the problem with access to Google and other Internet platforms, and will also provide an opportunity for business development. With the help of temporary numbers, mailing lists are scaled, additional accounts are created on marketplaces, trading platforms and social networks-and all in order to reach more audience at minimal cost. When you have one account, whether it’s a mail service or a page on a social network, the quantity of messages and other actions is limited, and attempts to go beyond the limits lead to the freezing or ban of the account. Further, we will tell how to choose a virtual number correctly and use it for registration on Google or another service.

Step-by-step instruction for purchasing a virtual number.

  1. Go to the SMS receiving service . Click on “Registration" in the upper right corner.
  2. Enter your email and password, accept the terms and get registered.
  3. Log in to account and see the “Balance” button in the upper right corner. Click on it and choose a convenient payment method (crypto currency, debit cards, E-wallets), enter the required amount and replenish.
  4. On the left side of the page, select the country and operator for the future number. Any country in which Gmail operates without restrictions will suit. Choose any operator, or skip this step and it will be selected automatically.
  5. Then find the necessary service that needs a virtual number (in this case Google), left-click on it, wait for the “Buy” button to appear and tap on it. The ctrl+F keyboard shortcut will help simplify the search (a line for searching the page will appear on top).
  6. After the purchase, a card with a number will appear. Copy and paste it into the registration field upon creating a Google account.
  7. Go back to the website of the SMS receiving service, receive the code and complete the registration. If the code has not arrived in a few minutes, cancel the number and try to choose a different country and operator. You only pay for the SMS you receive, thus the money will not be debited until an appropriate number is found. In case of difficulties, contact the technical support, which will prompt the necessary settings.