Virtual numbers for Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a voice-based social network allowing people to talk, tell stories, share ideas, strengthen friendships and become acquainted. Log into different chats, on different topics, communicate in person or in groups. You have the opportunity to engage in frank conversations with famous and influential people. Clubhouse used to be an exclusive app for iOS, but now Android users can get access the app too. To create an account, enter a phone number, specify username and confirm your page via SMS. If you have any problems with registration, use virtual numbers. They are convenient in cases when your account has been blocked or registration in a certain region is impossible.

Receive SMS online from Clubhouse

virtual numbers to receive SMS from clubhouse

Upon creating your profile, start from scratch, or import information from your Instagram and Twitter accounts. Use the search in your contacts to find your friends and acquaintances already using Clubhouse. Currently, Clubhouse has about 10 million users.

Clubhouse is a conversation app, here you will find many different topics that range from health to politics. There are also recommendations, subtopics and interest groups. Upon registration, you will be asked to subscribe to people and choose a topic.

While using a virtual number , you have the opportunity to create not only an additional page, but also several accounts, from which, in turn, you will be able to be more active in order to attract users. Clubhouse gathered many famous celebrities from all over the world: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Rock, Jared Leto and others joined the Clubhouse. App users can sponsor content creators, which in turn allows to earn.

If you want to sell a product or service, we recommend creating several accounts using virtual numbers. This will give you several advantages at once:

  • Broadcasting from multiple points;
  • Promotion of your accounts through subscriptions from additional profiles;
  • The opportunity to enter several rooms at once and be active there;
  • Mass subscription to other people in order to get feedback.

Clubhouse is actively used for business. Brands such as “Sberbank”, “Yandex”, “Scooter”, “Avito” and many others are increasing their awareness through this platform. There is no better way to increase customer loyalty than live communication and answering questions.

How else to use virtual numbers

The main advantage of virtual numbers is registration on foreign services, even in cases where they are locally restricted. As an example, the well-known social network Twitter. It is no longer possible to register an account in Russia, so you need a virtual number of another country.

Those who like to save money will especially appreciate the benefits of online numbers. With their help, you get the opportunity of repeatedly registration on taxi services like Uber or on delivery services, for example, Delivery Club. New users are given a discount on their first orders. Food at home and taxi rides will become much cheaper with virtual numbers.

Buy a phone number for Clubhouse account registration

how to buy a number for clubhouse

In order to get registered on Clubhouse, you need to buy a number from any of the countries in which the service is available. Next, we will analyze in details how to work with a virtual number.

  1. Go to the website and go through registration using email. Create a password.
  2. The balance will be visible in the upper right corner. Click on it, then select one of the payment methods and top up the balance.
  3. On the left side the countries column is seen. Select the country number of which you want to get, and any operator.
  4. Next, scroll down and select the website or app for which you want to purchase a number. If you have not found the necessary one from the provided services, then change the country and operator. If you have any difficulties, contact technical support, they will help you with choosing a suitable number.
  5. Click on the “Clubhouse” item and tap “Buy”.
  6. After the purchase, copy the virtual number (it will appear automatically) and paste it into the Clubhouse registration field.
  7. Return to the website of the SMS receiving service again and wait for the code to be received in the same window from where the number was copied.
  8. Enter the code and on this complete the registration on Clubhouse.