Online numbers to receive SMS

Users often resort to help of online numbers to receive SMS when there is a need to register an additional page on a social network or messenger. This method allows to create an account on the desired platform without buying an additional SIM card. Let’s figure out what virtual numbers are, how they work, where and why to buy them.

Receive SMS online

virtual numbers to receive SMS

In fact, virtual numbers are not much different from the physical ones, since they have the same functions. The difference is that it is easier to get an online number, because the procedure is carried out through the Internet. When you rent a temporary number to receive SMS, the duration of use varies from 3 to 20 minutes. This time is enough to get registered on the website or application.

Virtual numbers to receive SMS are not assigned to users forever, thus documents and other complex manipulations, such as paperwork for SIM card, will not be required for their rental. Here the scenario is as simple as possible: you chose the country, operator, service, paid for the purchase and instantly received the number. At the end of the article we will discuss this in more details.

Registration of an additional account on a social network or messenger is only a small part of the potential that is hidden in virtual numbers for receiving SMS. At a minimum, you get the opportunity to register dozens and hundreds of accounts on Telegram, Instagram, VK and other similar platforms. These accounts are used as a means of earning money. For example, to send out mass promotional emails or to perform tasks for money on various earnings exchanges. Many newcomers in the online earnings start exactly with the second option. And the more accounts, the greater the potential profit.

The opportunities of using virtual numbers for receiving SMS

Farther, we will analyze how virtual numbers expand the capabilities of users, help to save money and even earn.

Access to foreign websites and applications

One of the main advantages of online numbers to receive SMS is the opportunity to choose a number from more than 180 countries worldwide. Therefore, any user gets access to foreign websites and applications, even if they are limited for their own region. For example, you can’t get registered on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin from Russia. If to use a VPN and try to create a profile on one of these platforms, the system will, anyway, not let do it, because it will see the country of your number. Hence, a virtual number of the country in which the service is available is required.

Delivery of products and taxis at a minimum price

Scooter, Delivery, Uber, and other well-known services conduct promotions in which they give new users promo codes with a discount on first orders. Thus, the first trip or products delivery will be at a big discount. In such services, registration is quite simple: it is enough to enter the phone number. Use virtual numbers to create a new account before each order. In such a way you will get the best prices. The base of online numbers for receiving SMS is constantly updated, so you are not limited in any way in the quantity of accounts.

Bulletin boards, trading platforms and marketplaces

AliExpress and other similar platforms encourage new users for registration. As a bonus, discount coupons are issued that allow to order the first product with a big discount in percentage or money.

Virtual numbers are also useful for sellers. Online bulletin boards often impose restrictions on their users, preventing them from making the desired quantity of publications. The solution is simple- create additional accounts and distribute advertisements between them.

Buy online number to receive SMS

In the article we have dismantled part of the capabilities of online numbers for receiving SMS. Now let’s move on to the instruction, where we will step-by-step analyze all stages of renting a number.

  1. To rent virtual numbers, we will use the website. Follow the link, then go through a simple registration through email.
  2. Now you need to deposit money into the balance. If you are just trying the capabilities of virtual numbers, 0.16 -0.49 USD is enough. The price for receiving SMS depends on the selected service, country and operator. To deposit, click on the “0” button in the upper right corner and select a convenient method of depositing funds.
  3. Let’s proceed to choosing number. Pay attention to the list of countries on the left side of the screen-select one of them. Then go below until the list of countries ends. There are operators right below it-choose one of them, or leave automatic selection.
  4. The next stage is the choice of the service from which you need to receive SMS. Go the page down again until the list of websites and applications on the left begins. Select the desired item and click “Buy". The Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut will help simplify the search.
  5. If an order form appears, it means we did everything right. You need to copy the number and paste it into the registration field on the desired service.
  6. Wait for the code to be received (it will appear in the order form) and use it to confirm your account. In some cases, the SMS may not arrive at the selected number. In this case, the money will be returned back to the balance. If this happens, try changing the country and operator.

The cost of virtual numbers is much lower than buying full-fledged SIM cards. This is the best option if your goal is to receive SMS. Get registered on foreign services, save money and earn with 5sim!