Indonesia virtual numbers

Indonesia is called a country of contrasts. Tourists who have visited this place observe how huge skyscrapers coexist with poor villages that seem to be stuck in time. Indonesia is an island state, there are many nations here who speak in different languages, therefore big differences in culture are not surprising. If you are interested in local traditions and people, there is a way to get closer acquainted with the country without even leaving home. It will be about Indonesia virtual numbers .

Receive SMS online to Indonesia numbers

how to buy number for indonesia

There are a lot of facts about Indonesia on the Internet, but this is not enough to form a complete picture of the culture of this country. Use virtual numbers in order to get registered on local social networks and news channels. By this way you will learn much more than from the global Internet, and you will be able to communicate with the indigenous people of Indonesia.

Virtual numbers are needed in order to carry out SMS receiving online. This procedure gives the user from anywhere in the world the opportunity to get number of Indonesia or another country.

The opportunity to access local online resources is not the only advantage of virtual numbers. Indonesia numbers are also suitable for registering accounts on social networks in order to engage in mailing or promote the main profile through likes and comments.

Virtual numbers are also used to order a taxi and product delivery cheaper. It works simply: companies conduct marketing campaigns to attract new users, providing discounts on first orders. In most cases, for registration on delivery and taxi services, it is required to confirm phone number. If bought SIM cards to get discounts, it is simply unprofitable and even laborious: you need to go to the cellular communication salon, fill in documents for each card, pay the tariff. With a virtual number, everything is easier: it is used remotely and is issued without unnecessary bureaucracy.

How virtual number works

The main feature of such number is narrow specialization. Virtual number is often called disposable, because it is rented for a while to receive SMS from a particular service and bypass verification. To use it, there is no need of a SIM card, only Internet access and the SMS verification service will do the rest.

Earning with Indonesia virtual number

Indonesia virtual numbers give the opportunity to create several accounts on any service on which SMS confirmation is needed. Getting discounts on taxi and grocery delivery is just the tip of the iceberg. We recommend paying attention to trading platforms and bulletin boards. Such services often limit the quantity of publications for users and impose other limitations that prevent them from selling goods and services without buying paid privileges. Virtual numbers help to circumvent this limitation and publish hundreds of ads, distributing them between accounts. There are several ways to make money on this: sell the accounts themselves to entrepreneurs, sell own goods and services, or work under an affiliate program.

It is worth paying attention to the marketplaces. These platforms give new users discounts on orders, which makes it possible to receive goods almost at cost. This means that you can earn more on resale than other intermediaries. However, you will have to register new accounts before each order.

Buy Indonesia phone number to receive SMS

Buying Indonesia virtual number is a matter of a few minutes. The first step is to get registered on the website through email. Below is a detailed instruction on how to choose and rent a number, and what to do in case of problems.

  1. After registration, top up the balance. The button is located in the upper right corner and looks like “0". If you do not know exactly what amount you need, you can not to take this step yet. You will find out the cost of SMS receiving for the necessary website in the third paragraph.
  2. To rent a number, you should specify the country, in our case Indonesia. Find it in the list on the left, or through a quick search on the page (ctrl+F) and click on the flag. Immediately below the list of countries you will see the items “virt1”, “virt2" and so on. This is the operator’s selection. Sometimes it happens that SMS does not arrive to the rented number, in this case, changing operator often helps. If you are taking a number for the first time, skip this step.
  3. Scroll the page down until the list of services from which SMS receiving is available appears. Among them, select the appropriate service, click on it, then click “Buy". If the necessary item is not in the list, then the selected country and operator are not suitable for this service.
  4. A form containing information about the virtual number appears. Copy the number and paste it into the registration field on the website or application on which you want to get registered.
  5. Go back to 5sim and wait for the code to appear in the corresponding line.

Please pay attention that the money will be debited from the balance only upon the SMS receiving. Therefore, you can try different operators and countries until you find a suitable option. In case of difficulties, contact technical support, you will be promptly helped to solve the problem during working hours.