India virtual numbers to receive SMS online

India is a country of innovation and entertainment. The local Internet is filled with gaming websites where people have fun or even earn money. For example, in India there is a genre of online games-“Fantasy Sports”, where users gather virtual teams from real world sports players, then compete with other players. Participate in football, basketball, baseball and other sports matches.

Receive SMS online to India numbers

virtual numbers to receive SMS from india

Most Indian websites do not favor visitors from other countries. Therefore, lovers of playing “Fantasy Sports” or other local games have to look for workarounds in order to get registered on the necessary websites or apps. One of these ways is the platform of receiving Indian codes . This platform will help a user from anywhere in the world to take an Indian number for a while. SMS receiving is often used in cases when it is necessary:

  1. to register an additional account on a social network or on another website;
  2. protect your personal number from unwanted SMS and calls;
  3. get registered on a foreign platform;
  4. mass create accounts to obtain benefits.

The SMS receiving service issues Indian numbers without unnecessary bureaucracy. You don’t have to go anywhere, write passport data and other personal information. There are also no limitations on the quantity of numbers rented by one user.

How to use Indian number for earnings

Let’s take Fantasy Sports as an example. In order to attract new players, the platforms distribute generous bonuses novices. This can be a deposit bonus, free characters, discounts or money to balance. Of course, you won’t get rich with one such bonus. But everything changes when you have the opportunity to rent numbers indefinitely and register accounts on them. The received bonuses cannot be withdrawn immediately, they will have to be won back first. In any case, the chances of winning will multiply due to the constant receipt of bonuses.

Another famous entertainment in India is Rummy. This is a traditional card game that is popular in the network. There people compete for the title of the best and earn money by participating in regular matches or large-scale tournaments. The method of using India virtual number is similar here: to create additional accounts and collect welcome bonuses indefinitely.

Buy India phone number to receive SMS

If you are wondering where to buy Indian number not expensive, then the SMS receiving service is exactly what you need. The cost of virtual numbers is ten times lower than physical SIM cards, and you will not have to pay for the tariff.

If you are buying number for the first time, use the instruction where each step of this procedure is described in details.

  1. The first step is to get registered on the website. To do this, click on the “Registration” button in the upper right corner, then enter email and come up with a password.

  2. When the profile is created, we proceed to the country selection, number of which we need. On the left side of 5sim website there is the list of countries, find India and left-click on it. If you can’t find it manually, use the Ctrl+F hotkey and type “India” in the search field. The necessary country will be highlighted in yellow. Also, before renting a number, you can choose an operator, if there are specific preferences. Otherwise, the operator is selected automatically.

  3. Now we choose the service from which we want to receive SMS. It can be an Indian platform or another website for which the number is suitable. The list of services is located immediately below the list of operators. Click on the necessary name, wait for the green “Buy” button to appear and click on it.

  4. A form containing information about the virtual number appears. Copy the number and paste it into the registration field on the website or app where you want to get registered. After this, go back to 5sim and wait for the code to appear in the corresponding line.

In conclusion we will tell that there are many interesting websites and apps in India which are not found in other countries. Use virtual numbers to enjoy local games, social networks and other entertainments.