How to create Kwai account without phone number

Kwai is a free entertainment platform where users create content, edit and share it with others. The social network specializes in short videos and offers various categories of videos: humor, blogs, memes, fashion, sports, music and much more. Photos, soundtracks, filters and many effects are used to create videos. Watch interesting videos from other users, create your own from everyday life and share them on other social networks.

Kwai has Chinese origin, it is main competitor of TikTok. There is an opportunity to get in touch with your subscribers, leave comments, take part in various raffles and challenges. Thus, raise your account, get into trends and appear on the main pages of the app. The platform has reached a multimillion audience around the world, and in China this number is about 400 million active users per month. All this makes the social network the basis for building a business and earning money on advertising. To create a Kwai account, you will need a Google, Facebook account, or phone number. Using the latter option, users not from China may face a problem with accessing the app, since SMS does not arrive to the phone numbers of some countries.

Receive SMS online from Kwai

virtual numbers to receive SMS from kwai

Monetization on the platform is carried out predominantly through advertising. Kwai pays the creators of the videos according to the quantity of views for each video. For 20 thousand views per video, you will receive 5 USD, and for views over 2 million, the payout will be 400 USD. If you participate in a paid program for authors, the app will also pay for the number of subscribers. However, this bonus is available only to new content authors and is valid for 2 months after signing a contract with Kwai. There is also an opportunity to earn money on invitation codes: the more users get registered through your invitation code, the more your income will be.

For registration on the platform, a phone number is required. If for some reason you do not want to use your personal number or there is a ban on access to social network in your country, use virtual numbers. Receiving SMS online will help you to bypass the registration procedure without difficulties. The benefit of virtual numbers is as follows:

  1. Cost-effectiveness and simplicity of set up. The cost of a virtual number is several times lower than an ordinary number with SIM card. Besides, to get a number, you do not need to go to the mobile phone salon and enter passport data. The whole procedure of number renting is carried out online. No documents are required.
  2. Protection against spam and SMS mailings. By registering profiles to virtual number, you protect yourself from spam mailings and calls, as well as maintain the confidentiality of personal data.
  3. Multi-Accounting. If for some reason your main number has been banned, use virtual number for registration on the service. With its help it is also possible to create multiple accounts on the same platform for different purposes (collecting welcome bonuses, mailing lists, etc.).

How to increase earnings on Kwai with the help of virtual numbers

To maximize your income from Kwai, you need to create relevant content. More videos-more monetization. To create a video, you will need an account. Take virtual numbers and create several accounts to develop your business. Thus, the coverage of video views will increase and you will reach a stable income. Also, do not forget that for the first months there is an incentive program for beginners, where additional income is given for subscribers. With a larger quantity of accounts, the income from Kwai increases many times.

Buy phone number for Kwai account registration

Virtual number will help to circumvent any regional restrictions. On our website you have the opportunity to choose number from any of more than 180 countries. Let’s consider the registration procedure of a virtual number:

  1. Visit the website for renting virtual numbers and receiving SMS online by following the link
  2. Go through regitration on the website using email or a Google account.
  3. Next, top up the balance by choosing the most convenient payment option.
  4. On the left side of the page, select the necessary country and operator. After that, we select the service from which we want to receive SMS. In this case, Kwai. Click “Buy".
  5. A window with information about the number will appear. Copy it, go to the Kwai page and paste the number into the registration field.
  6. Go back to the 5sim website and wait for the code for registration confirmation.

It is very convenient to use the service of receiving SMS online, you are not limited in your actions. There is also no need to spend on maintenance, unlike ordinary phone numbers. Just choose the appropriate number, service and pay for the purchase. The whole procedure takes less than 5 minutes.