How to create eBay account without phone number

eBay deservedly holds the title of one of the largest online stores. Everything is sold here: clothes, accessories, technique, kitchen utensils, toys, books and other goods. At the moment, eBay branches are located in the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and in several other countries. Despite this, sellers often carry out delivery worldwide, with the exception of some regions. Goods on the platform are often sold on the principle of auction: users bet and the goods will get the one who gave the highest price.

Receive SMS online from eBay

ual numbers to receive sms from ebay

Sometimes there are cases when a seller puts a valuable product, and it is taken at a low price because of the lack of competition in the auction. If you are a seller and have faced with such a situation, there is a way to avoid it-register additional accounts with the help of receiving SMS . As you have already understood, we will be able to bet independently at the auction in order to create competition and sell the goods more expensive. Despite the fact that eBay gives the opportunity to be both a seller and a buyer on the same account, you cannot place bets on your own products, this is prohibited by the rules of the platform. Next, let’s consider at how to create an additional account correctly in order to avoid suspicion of fraud.

  1. Be sure to use a different first name, last name and address. Accounts should be as far apart from each other as possible;
  2. The registration email should be active and not previously used for eBay;
  3. For number confirmation SMS receiving online is used in order to provide additional anonymity;
  4. Each account should have a unique IP address, otherwise they will be blocked. Use server proxies to change the network address.

The above-mentioned steps will help minimize the risks of being banned on eBay. Let’s take a closer look at what SMS receiving is, how much it costs and in what cases it is used.

SMS receiving is a service of providing a virtual number for eBay or another service. The advantage is that the procedure is remote and does not require identity verification, when compared with the purchase of a SIM card. As a rule, a virtual number is issued to the user for a few minutes to receive an SMS from the necessary service. If we talk about the cost, it all depends on the parameters of a virtual number. For example, the cost of a USA number for eBay starts from 0.14 USD. Even if we take into account that these figures are approximate, the price is several times lower than buying a SIM card and paying the tariff. Receiving SMS is an ideal option when you need to create an additional account on a social network, on a trading platform or other service.

Virtual numbers are used in the following cases:

  • protection of a personal number from getting into spam databases. If get registered on Internet platforms exclusively through virtual numbers, you will not be bothered by scammers and advertisers of unnecessary services;
  • for accounts creation on websites and apps that are regionally unavailable in your country. For example, from Russia it is impossible to get registered on well-known social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. If rent a virtual number of another country (in which the services are available), the problem will be solved;
  • get access to an unlimited quantity of numbers. User can rent virtual numbers in any quantity (if available). Even if 100 eBay accounts are required, it won’t be a problem.

To summarize: virtual numbers for receiving SMS are convenient to use, are able to protect the user’s personal information and give the opportunity to create additional accounts in order to use the possibilities of online services to the maximum.

Buy virtual number for eBay account registration

To buy a phone number for eBay registration, follow all the steps described below from the instruction.

  1. Open the website . Then create an account in order to get access to virtual numbers purchase;
  2. On the left side of the page there is the list of services-find item “eBay” manually or via search, then click on it;
  3. The list of countries that are available for this number will appear below. Choose the most suitable one;
  4. The list of operators appeared. If you don’t care which one to choose, just click on the “Any” field and the cheapest one will be automatically selected. It remains to click on the “Buy” button;
  5. Information about the selected number is displayed in the center of the page. It is already at your disposal. Copy this number and paste it into the eBay registration field;
  6. Go back to the 5sim website and wait for the code to appear in the appropriate window.

If the code does not arrive, cancel the number and repeat all the above-mentioned steps again, just select another operator. The money will not be debited from the balance until you receive an SMS. If you still have questions, there are technical support contacts at the bottom of the page, ask them for help.