How to create an Imo account without a phone number

Imo is a cross-platform messenger which is available for computers and mobile devices. There are a minimum of settings here, however this is not even necessary. Imo is aimed at providing stable voice and video communication, as well as instant messaging. The service is free and does not show ads to users. For registration on Imo, you need a phone number to which the account is linked. If you have any difficulties with creating an account on the messenger, this article will help you to figure it out.

Receive SMS online from Imo

virtual numbers to receive SMS from imo

Users note that Imo provides stable voice communication even in 2G Internet conditions. The messenger compresses all data before sending, which speeds up work and saves traffic. Imo works on VoIP technology (calls and SMS are sent through the Internet) with linking by a number. To start using the messenger, go to and download the App for the necessary operating system. If there is no a suitable number for registration, use receiving SMS online from Imo.

Receiving SMS online is a technology for registration on online services without a SIM card. The advantage is that you do not need to go to the mobile phone salon and apply for documents to get a number. Instead, you will be given a temporary number on an online mode to receive an SMS from the necessary service.

Temporary numbers are often used to create additional accounts on social networks and messengers. The reasons may be different: starting from the necessity to create an anonymous page and ending with business promotion. In the second case, you will not manage without virtual numbers, since accounts are needed in huge quantities (tens and hundreds). This is necessary for mailing in order to send promotional emails with a service or product. It will not be possible to send more than 20-30 emails per day from one account, otherwise the account will be frozen or blocked. Therefore, entrepreneurs create additional accounts and send out letters evenly so as not to attract attention.

Functionality of Imo

Standard messaging includes everything needed: sending files, voice messages, photos, videos. Stickers and emojis are also available to users.

From the unusual in the messenger there is an opportunity to publish stories, as in social networks. These can be images with inscriptions or full-length videos with the opportunity to leave reactions. Each Imo user individually adjusts the background of his profile: various widgets, images, status and much more.

Imo is famous for its “rooms”, which in most cases are open and available to all users. It is enough to go to the appropriate section, select the suitable room and connect via audio.

Buy phone number for Imo account registration

Virtual (temporary) numbers are provided by the SMS receiving service. Any user can use the service if there is an Internet connection. You will not be required to provide passport data and other identity documents. Getting a number to receive SMS will take no more than 5 minutes. Further is given the detailed instruction on how to get registered on Imo via a virtual number.

  1. Go through registration on the website. To do this, enter your E-mail address and come up with a password. The registration button is located in the upper right corner of the page;
  2. In order to top up the balance, press the button in the form of “0”. If you have already deposited funds to the account, the digit will be equal to the current balance;
  3. It remains to choose the appropriate number. First of all, click on one of the available countries in the list on the left. Also under the countries there is an item “Select an operator”-click on one of the available options, or leave everything as it is so that the system automatically picks up the number;
  4. Under the list of operators there are services for which SMS receiving is available. We are interested in the item “imo”. Click on it and press the “Buy” button. To simplify the search, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F;
  5. A window will appear on the screen, which contains information about the purchased number. Copy the number itself and enter into the Imo registration field;
  6. Go back to the website and wait for the SMS code to appear. If the code does not arrive, try changing the operator or country. The money will be debited only when the SMS has arrived. 

A virtual number is a versatile tool that has numerous applications: starting from creating an additional account for personal purposes and ending with business promotion. Regardless of the reason, the temporary number is simple to use and available to any user. The cost of receiving SMS is ten times lower than the SIM card and tariff payment.