How to create an Eneba account without a phone number

Eneba online store is popular among gamers. License keys to games, gift cards, paid programs and much more are sold here. The project has been working since 2018 and officially cooperates with Steam, therefore it has established itself among users. There are about 15 thousand different games in the Eneba collection. To use the market, it is required to go through registration on the website or application. Regardless of the method, you will be asked to enter email and confirm the phone number. At the stage of receiving SMS, a number of users have difficulties. In the article we will tell you why this happens, and also will show a method to make purchases on Eneba at a reduced price.

Receive SMS online from Eneba

virtual numbers to receive SMS from eneba

Officially, Eneba operates all over the world, supplying gamers with digital items. There are restrictions for users from certain countries that block access to the platform. One of these regions is Russia. For local users to use Eneba, there is a need to disguise yourself as a resident of another country. It is easier to do this on the Internet, because there is a service for receiving SMS online .

Receiving SMS online is an opportunity to remotely receive a number from more than 180 countries around the world. Meanwhile, you do not have to deal with tariff plans and fill in documents with passport data. A virtual number is rented for a while in order to receive SMS, thus the process of receiving it is simplified, and the cost is several times lower than a SIM card. If you need to get registered on an online service, this is an ideal option.

In order to buy goods on Eneba, it is not mandatory to go through registration. If you live in one of the countries where the service is not available, it is enough to change the IP address to make a single purchase.

How to buy goods on Eneba at a reduced price

Registration on Eneba is necessary for users who want to buy products with a discount of up to 70%. The platform regularly distributes promo codes, including to new users-5% discount already for the fact that you are getting registered. There are also promo codes for individual products, bonus money and other gifts.

Why limit yourself to a one-time discount when there is an opportunity to use coupons infinitely many times. Create dozens of accounts to use the coupons found on them. Every purchase on Eneba will become several times cheaper, even taking into account the number renting cost.

The discount will also be relevant for those who buy gift cards for iTunes, Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo eShop, Blizzard, Google Play, Game Time and other platforms. In fact, you get balance replenishment on the necessary platform, paying less money for it.

On Eneba there are not only digital, but also physical goods that are delivered all over the world.

Buy a phone number for Eneba account registration

how to buy a number for eneba

Above we have figured out why a virtual number for Eneba is needed. Here we will tell what a virtual number is and how to use it.

Virtual number by properties does not differ from the physical one: it is suitable for receiving SMS and calls. To use a temporary number, there is no need of a SIM card, the SMS receiving service takes over all the technical part, providing a special form in which the client copies the number and then receives a confirmation code in the same place. Let’s review this procedure in more details. To buy a virtual number, do the following:

  1. Get register on the website. Only email is needed, not passport data.
  2. The next step is to replenish the balance. Click on the “0” button in the upper right corner and choose a convenient method.
  3. When the “0” button changes and reflects the current balance, proceed to selecting the number country. Specify the appropriate country manually (on the left side of the page), or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+F, then enter the name of the country.
  4. Next, select the operator. If you have preferences, click on the appropriate field immediately under the list of countries. In the case of skipping this step, the system will automatically select the operator.
  5. Look for a service from which you need to receive an SMS, click on it and tap “Buy". Take advantage of quick search using ctrl+F, or scroll through the page below and find the Eneba item manually. There are cases when the service is not in the list. This means that the number or operator is not suitable for Eneba. Then change the parameters of the number. If the problem remained, contact technical support, during the daytime you will be answered within 15 minutes.
  6. The purchase form appears. Copy the number from there and send an SMS from Eneba to it.
  7. When the code arrives, it will appear in the purchase form. If nothing happens after 3-5 minutes, then you need to cancel the number and try another one. The money for the number will be returned to the balance until the SMS arrives.

The main advantage of virtual numbers is in their quantity. Each user gets the opportunity to rent temporary numbers indefinitely for registration on online services in order to use promo codes and other bonuses.