How to create an Airbnb account without a phone number

Airbnb is an online market connecting people who want to rent out their apartments with people who are looking for accommodation in certain places. Here landlords earn on their property, and travelers save and find more comfortable accommodation than hotels at a low price. Today, the Airbnb database has a huge number of offers in many countries of the world. On the website are provided accommodation for every taste. Convenient custom search by location, price and type of property. Airbnb also offers additional services: entertainment, various excursions and restaurants.

Receive SMS online from Airbnb

virtual numbers to receive SMS from airbnb

The Airbnb verification procedure is provided for both tourists and tenants. When you will get registered, confirmation of your account with the help of one of these methods will be required:

  • phone numbers;
  • Facebook account;
  • Google account;
  • Apple ID.

Let’s consider the option of verification with the help of a virtual number . A virtual number differs from a regular phone number (with a SIM card) in that it works online, but at the same time performs the same functions. Online numbers are used for calls, SMS receiving and registration on various services.

Recently, Airbnb announced the suspension of work in Russia and Belarus. One of the ways to circumvent the ban is to use a virtual number. By the number, the service determines which region the user is registered from. Therefore, it is enough to rent a temporary number of the country in which the restrictions do not apply. We also recommend changing your IP address to a foreign one to increase the chance of successful registration on Airbnb.

Virtual numbers are often used to create additional accounts on social networks or messengers. You have the opportunity to register many accounts on Telegram, Instagram, Vkontakte and other similar platforms. These accounts are used as a means to earn money: selling accounts, sending promotional messages or promoting channels. In addition, renting a virtual number will cost ten times cheaper than buying a SIM card and paying the tariff. To do this, you do not need to fill in any documents. You simply choose a number of one of 180+ countries of the world and get access to foreign online resources. The virtual number usage time is 5-20 minutes. The user is not limited in the quantity of numbers for renting. Create dozens and hundreds of accounts, if necessary.

Buy a phone number for registration of a Airbnb account

The procedure for obtaining a virtual number is carried out through the 5sim website. Here, without unnecessary bureaucracy, you will get numbers for receiving SMS in any quantities according to the specified parameters. Follow the instruction below:

  1. Get registered on the website, using an email mailbox. Also come up with a password.
  2. Click on the “Balance" and top up in a convenient way. Please pay attention that the fee amount depends on the choice of payment method (debit cards, e-wallets, crypto currency, etc.). Foreign numbers for Airbnb cost an average of 0.16 USD.
  3. From the menu on the left, select the country number of which you want to get and the operator. Do not forget to check in advance whether Airbnb works in the selected country. Any operator is suitable.
  4. Go down and find the Airbnb item in the list of websites and applications (if there are difficulties, press ctrl+F and enter the name in the field that appears. If the search on the page did not help, change the country and operator), then click on it and tap “Buy".
  5. Copy the purchased number, which will automatically appear after payment and paste it into the Airbnb registration field.
  6. Go back to the website and wait for the code to appear on the same window from where the number was copied.

The procedure is so simple that many users prefer to get registered on online services only through virtual numbers. This method allows to protect your personal information and protect yourself from possible calls and SMS with annoying advertising to the personal number. Use virtual numbers in order to get registered on foreign services, be anonymous and earn money together with 5sim.