How to create an Adda52 account without a phone number

Adda52 has been famous for many years for gathering millions of poker lovers from India in its portal. People here do not just spend time, but participate in full-fledged tournaments for the title of champion. More than 4 million users are registered on Adda52, which makes the platform the largest poker room in India. If you want to compete for the title of champion or have a good time at the gaming table with real people, download the Adda App from the official website and get registered. However, everything is not so simple: you need an Indian phone number to confirm your account by SMS. Fortunately, you don’t have to live in India to use the App. In the article we will tell how to get a number for registration on Adda52 from anywhere in the world.

Indian virtual numbers for SMS from Adda52

virtual numbers to receive SMS from adda52

If try to use a number on Adda, not belonging to India, you will simply not receive an SMS code. Therefore, we will use a loophole and rent a virtual number of the necessary country. It’s simple to do: you don’t need to go to a cellular phone salon, fill a questionnaire with personal data and insert a SIM card into the phone.

Virtual numbers are used for the purpose of receiving SMS or calls. The user will not be able to call from such a number himself, but he will have the opportunity to get registered on Adda52 or another service. After all, you only need to accept SMS. Virtual numbers are used remotely, therefore a computer or a phone with Internet access is enough to get them.

Temporary numbers are issued by the SMS receiving service -a website explorer between the number and the user who wants to get registered on the website or in the application without the own number.

Virtual numbers are also used for other purposes. For example, to preserve anonymity and protect yourself from spam. Many people do not like it when SMS messages and calls from unknown people start coming to the number after registration.

How to play on Adda52 without deposit

For poker lovers, a temporary number is useful not only because it gives the opportunity to get registered on Adda52 from another country. You also get a huge stock of numbers in order to create additional accounts on the poker room and receive a welcome bonus of 1,000 rupees. This bonus is given to absolutely all users who have downloaded the App and got registered. Since only a number is required for creating an account on Adda, no one bothers to repeat registration several times (if there is a large quantity of numbers)

Buy Indian number for registration on Adda52

In order to buy an Indian number and get registered on Adda52, a few minutes of free time and 0.0.6 USD (to create one account) are required. Further the detailed instruction is described, which begins with the procedure for obtaining a virtual number and ends with the confirmation of the Adda52 account.

  1. Get registered on the website in order to get the opportunity to rent virtual numbers. The procedures is simple-enter your E-mail and come up with a password for the subsequent login to the account of the SMS receiving service;
  2. After registration, the “0” button will appear in the upper right corner. Click on it to go to the balance replenishment section. Then deposit the necessary amount through debit card, e-wallet or cryptocurrency. We remind you that the cost of a virtual Indian number for Adda52 is 0.0.6 USD;
  3. On the left side of the 5sim page, you will see the list of countries from which SMS receiving is possible. Select “India” and scroll the page down to select the operator (virtual21,virtual23, etc.);
  4. When we have selected the country and operator, we need to go down again and find Adda52 in the list of services from which SMS receiving is possible. Then click on the name of the necessary service and click on the green “Buy” button;
  5. If there are enough funds on the balance and you have done everything correctly, a form with a virtual number will be opened. Copy the number without the country code (91) and paste it into the Adda52 registration window;
  6. Go back to 5sim and wait for the confirmation code to appear in the appropriate window. Then copy these digits and complete the registration on the poker room. If the SMS has not arrived, wait for the number work to shut down automatically, or cancel the purchase manually. Then repeat steps from 3 to 6. The money will be debited only if an SMS arrives, therefore you can try different countries and operators in unlimited quantities.

As you can see, getting a virtual number is easy. Therefore, the technology is suitable even for regular registration on social networks. If you need an additional account for personal or work purposes, a virtual number will help you to create it. Temporary numbers will help not only to play without a deposit on Adda52, but also to save on other services that provide a welcome discount (for example, delivery apps or taxi).