How to create a Twelfth Man account without a phone number

Assemble a sports team of the best players in the world, fight for the honor of the country, win a gold medal and a real monetary prize. All this seemed unreal until you find out about the Twelfth Man project. The service gives players the opportunity to participate in virtual competitions which are limited only by imagination. This genre is called fantasy sports: players assemble teams of digital athletes designed on the basis of real stars from sports world. Not only victory is at stake, but also monetary prizes. To get into the game, you need to create a Twelfth Man account, however you will not manage it without an Indian phone number. The platform operates only for local users.

Indian virtual numbers for SMS from Twelfth Man

virtual numbers to receive SMS from twelfthman

Despite the fact that the service targets only India, there is a way for users from other countries to get registered. Use Indian virtual numbers to receive SMS from Twelfth Man. This technology will allow to get registered on the service for fantasy sports play from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, the purchase of a virtual number does not require visiting a cellular communication salon and filling out documents with passport data.

Virtual numbers are needed to receive SMS or calls. Users rent them for a while (on average 5-15 minutes) and use them for registration on a particular service. Service price is comparatively lower than the purchase of a SIM card and tariff payment. The cost of receiving SMS for Twelfth Man starts from 0.09 USD.

Virtual numbers are used not only for the purpose of registration on a foreign service. The given technology helps users to save and even earn money. For example, the Twelfth Man project gives new users 300% of the deposit and 100 bonus rupees upon the first balance replenishment. Since a number is required for registration, an ordinary user will be able to create maximum 3-5 accounts by borrowing SIM cards from acquaintances (buying new ones is simply unprofitable because of the high cost). In the case of Indian temporary numbers, everything is different: arises the opportunity to create dozens and hundreds of accounts with minimal costs.

The money on the Twelfth Man project is needed in order to participate in competitions with other players at virtual cricket or football. Before the match start, the players contribute the same amount to the total deposit, then the winner takes it all. It looks like a gambling game, but here the competition is with real people and with the same opportunities. It’s not luck that decides everything, but skill. With a deposit bonus, you will have a significant advantage, triple sum is harder to lose. And if you repeat the registration procedure multiple times, the player gets the opportunity to increase the profit at the distance through permanent bonuses. Even a string of losses will bring much less loss than a normal deposit.

Buy Indian number for registration on Twelfth Man

In order to buy an Indian number for registration on Twelfth Man, you only need a computer or a phone with Internet access. Follow the steps from the instruction to choose number and get registered on the Twelfth Man service in a right way.

  1. Open the website and create an account to purchase numbers (registration button is in the upper right corner). Confidential data does not need to be entered, only a valid email address;
  2. Top up the balance with one of the suggested methods: debit cards, payment systems, e-wallets. The replenishment button looks like a current account indicator. On the new account, it is equal to zero;
  3. In the left part of the virtual numbers service there is the list of countries and operators from which SMS receiving is possible. Find the item “India” in the list and click on it. To simplify the search, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F. Also select one of the operators (located immediately below the countries). There are no specific recommendations here, however, if the SMS does not arrive, just change the operator and take the number again, the money will not be debited for this;
  4. Immediately after the list of countries and operators, begins the list of websites and applications available for receiving SMS. Select “Twelfth Man” and click on the green “Buy” button;
  5. The order window of virtual number is opened automatically. Copy the digits and paste them into the registration menu on the delivery service;
  6. Now go back to the order window on the SMS receiving service website. Copy the verification code (it will appear automatically) and use it to complete the registration.

Virtual numbers are a convenient tool for all cases of life. Even upon registration on a social network or messenger, a temporary number will allow to maintain anonymity and create an additional account for personal or business purposes.