How to create a Swiggy account without a phone number

Ready meals, foodstuff and necessaries at home in the shortest possible time: that’s what the Swiggy App guarantees its clients. More than 170 thousand fast food restaurants are connected to the service, that’s why the delivery time is 15-30 minutes. The App operates in 400+ cities of India. To order products on Swiggy, download the App on the Play Market or AppStore and get registered through an Indian phone number.

Indian virtual numbers for SMS from Swiggy

virtual numbers to receive SMS from swiggy

For users’ convenience, the products are divided into categories in the App, for example: “Vegetables”, “Healthy food”, “Premium” and so forth. Swiggy works even at night, there is also no minimum order amount: place delivery for any amount. If arise difficulties with registration, use Indian virtual numbers to receive SMS.

What are virtual numbers and what they are needed for

Virtual number does not have a clear definition, however there are functions: to accept calls and SMS. Such numbers are issued on the SMS receiving service, which gives users remote access to temporary numbers. In order to receive an SMS or a call, there is no need to fill out documents with confidential information, therefore you can seamlessly rent dozens of numbers, if it’s required.

Virtual numbers are more convenient than physical ones, since you do not need to go to a cellular communication salon to obtain them. Thus, such numbers are often used in cases when you need to maintain confidentiality or protect your mobile from possible spam.

In the case of Swiggy, Indian virtual numbers will be required for registration (foreign numbers are not accepted on the App). Tourists and visitors often use the given technology when they don’t want to deal with the peculiarities of local tariffs on SIM cards. It’s easier to take a temporary number and use it for registration on the necessary service.

Peculiarities of the Swiggy App

Delivery of products is carried out even to distant places, but meanwhile the term will be more than 15-30 minutes. There is also an opportunity to track the order status on the App in real time. Orders are paid in cash, debit or credit cards, cash on delivery and payment systems.

Swiggy users regularly receive free gifts, cashback, discounts and other offers that come from both partners and the service itself. One of these bonuses is 50% discount and free shipping on the first order. Such a generous offer is given once, after registration. However, there is a way to get this discount in unlimited quantities. Register new accounts before each order. Since you only need a phone number to create a Swiggy account, the SMS receiving service will allow to get registered infinitely.

Buy Indian number for registration on Swiggy

In order to buy an Indian number for registration on Swiggy, you only need a computer or a phone with Internet access. If this item is completed, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the website of the SMS receiving service and register an account. You need to enter your E-mail address and password. The registration button is located in the upper right corner;
  2. Further, top up the balance with the help of a bank card or an E-wallet. The SMS receiving service offers several payment methods, so that any user will choose the one which is convenient for him. To proceed to the replenishment, click on your balance value button, which will appear after registration. The minimum cost of an Indian number for Swiggy is 0.10 USD;
  3. Now pay attention to the menu on the left. First, select country “India” and the telecom operator. The final cost of a number depends on these parameters. If the SMS does not arrive, try to choose other operators, it’s free;
  4. Then scroll the page down and select “Swiggy” from the list. Click on it and then tap the “Buy” button. To accelerate the search, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F;
  5. The order window of a virtual number will be opened automatically. Copy the digits and paste them into the registration menu on the delivery service;
  6. Now go back to the order window on the SMS receiving service website. Copy the verification code (it will appear automatically) and use it to complete the registration.

Repeat the given procedure before creating each Swiggy account in order to get a welcome bonus. Except India, the SMS receiving service rents out numbers of more than 180 countries. Get registered on foreign services while being in another region: it is possible with virtual numbers.