How to create a Swagbucks account without a phone number

If you are a lover of saving money or earning on simple actions, Swagbucks will help you with this. The service is known for literally giving money to users. For registration, filling in the profile and installing the extension, you get about 50 SB (local currency), which is pegged to the dollar-50SB=0.5$. The project differs from its analogues in that it allows to convert bonuses into real currency on PayPal, or purchase gift cards in different stores. Registration on Swagbucks is simple: download the App, enter email, phone number and come up with a password. In this article we will figure out how the Swagbucks service is arranged, how to create an account without a phone number and why to do it.

Receive SMS online from Swagbucks

virtual numbers to receive SMS from swagbucks

Swagbucks is a large-scale service for earning and receiving cash back, which cooperates with thousands of platforms. There are many methods to earn money on the project: passing surveys, installing applications, using a proprietary retrieval system, inviting users, games. For all along, users earn 100-300 SB per day from one account. Surveys and other tasks are issued in limited quantities, therefore the earnings will be less. To remove this restriction, use receiving SMS online .

Receiving SMS online is a service that helps users to get registered on a website or application with the help of a virtual number. Meanwhile, you do not need to spend time and money on buying a separate SIM card, temporary numbers are issued remotely and without filling in documents.

Receiving SMS online is used in different cases. For example, if the service on which the user wants to get registered does not accept numbers from his country: this is relevant for the CIS countries. Virtual numbers differ in that they are issued remotely and are accessible from one place, thus you can easily rent a USA number (or one of 180+ countries) while being in Russia and vice versa.

In the case of Swagbucks, virtual numbers are used to create additional accounts. This method allows to earn more than 10 $ daily at minimal cost. Complete simple tasks on each account: surveys, application installation, gameplay in partner games. SwagBucks also regularly publishes bonus codes that are found on the platform’s official accounts on social networks. In the usual case, such codes will bring a few cents, and if you use them for several accounts, the income is calculated in dollars.

The most effective methods to make money on SwagBucks. Personal experience

After registration, you will be offered to confirm your email and take a survey to get information about the profile. For this, about 10 SB is charged. Next, you need to install a proprietary extension, for this more 25 SB is paid. Please pay attention that you need to answer all the questions from the questionnaires honestly in order the answers not be different, otherwise the system will suspect fraud and impose restrictions on the profile.

When we have completed the main tasks, we process to daily surveys, where 2 SB for every 10 answers is paid. This is also a quick way to earn extra money. Thanks to the daily bonus for every 30 coins earned, you will receive 3 more as a gift. A trifle, but nice.

Remained more rare, but well-paid tasks. These are large surveys with a payment of up to 4 $ apiece and tasks from partners. Tasks can be of different complexity: from installing an application to long-term use or even donating. The payment varies from 5 to 4000 SB.

Buy a phone number for registration of a Swagbucks account

To create additional accounts on Swagbucks, virtual numbers are needed, since the platform asks each account to be confirmed by SMS. Here is the detailed instruction on how to buy a phone number for registration on Swagbucks.

  1. Get registered on the number renting website . Follow the link, click the button in the upper right corner, enter email and password.
  2. You need to top up the balance. There are several methods to choose from: debit cards, E-wallets, crypto currency and others. The replenishment button is located on the left of your login in the top corner.
  3. It remains to choose an appropriate number for Swagbucks. First click on one of the countries in the left corner, then go down and select one of the operators (virt), or leave the automatic selection.
  4. We need to choose Swagbucks as the service from which it is necessary to receive SMS online. To manage this, scroll the page down, find the necessary position, left-click on and tap “Buy”. The ctrl+F keyboard shortcut will help speed up the search. If Swagbucks is not in the list, try changing the country and operator.
  5. After clicking on the “Buy” button, a form with information about the number appears. Use this number to send SMS from Swagbucks to it.
  6. When you send the code, go back to the form on 5sim and wait for it to appear in the appropriate field. As you can see, even taking into account the virtual number renting, it is easy to get registered on Swagbucks.

And the best part is that an unlimited quantity of temporary numbers are available to you, thus creating dozens and hundreds of accounts on Swagbucks or another platform will no longer be a problem.