How to create a Rapido account without a phone number

Rapido was created with the aim to help people who have grown tired of traffic jams. The service offers clients to rent a bike taxi, which will quickly, environmentally friendly and cheaply take to the necessary place. There is also opportunity to order a car with a driver if there are several people. In order to use Rapido, get registered on the mobile App of the same name (available for Android and iOS). To create an account, an Indian phone number is required.

Indian virtual numbers for SMS from Rapido

virtual numbers to receive SMS from rapido

Rapido operates only in India, therefore you cannot get registered on the App with a foreign number. For this reason, many tourists and visitors cannot use the bike taxi service. If you also have access difficulties to Rapido, use Indian virtual numbers to receive SMS.

Virtual numbers are created in order to accept SMS and calls from online services. Such numbers cannot be bought, but there is an opportunity to rent them. In most cases, the rental period is 5-15 minutes.

The main advantage of virtual numbers is that they are used remotely. Even while being in England, the user will seamlessly acquire an Indian number and on the contrary. However, temporary numbers are useful in other cases as well:

  • if the main account on Rapido or on another platform was blocked, a virtual number will help to create a new one;
  • tourists, who don’t want to deal with the purchase of a local SIM card, will be able to obtain a virtual number and get registered on the necessary service. To do this, you do not need to go to the cellular communication salon and fill out documents with confidential information;
  • in order to create several accounts on one service and receive bonuses for registration.

Collection of bonuses for registration is one of the main methods to use virtual numbers. For example, after registration on Rapido, you get a 50% discount for the first trip. If you consider that the price of a number for a bike taxi service starts from 0.06 USD, then the bonus is many times higher than the registration costs.

Buy Indian number for registration on Rapido

Earlier we talked about the fact that virtual numbers are used remotely. Therefore, any user gets access to the numbers of more than 180 countries of the world (the USA, Europe, CIS and others). On the SMS receiving service, you will receive numbers for Rapido and hundreds of other services. The base of numbers is updated regularly: register accounts on hundreds of platforms without restrictions.

How to buy a number on the SMS receiving service

  1. Go to the website of the SMS receiving service and get registered. The registration button is located in the upper right corner of the website;
  2. Top up the balance in a convenient way. It is better to replenish the amount with a margin if you plan to create several accounts. The replenishment button is displayed as the current balance and appears after registration. The cost of an Indian number for Rapido starts from 0.06 USD;
  3. From the list on the left side of the page select country “India” and the mobile operator. If SMS does not arrive, try changing operator. The money is debited only if the code is received;
  4. Then scroll the page down and select “rapido” App from the list. Click on it and then tap the “Buy” button;
  5. The order window of virtual number will be opened automatically. Copy the digits and paste them into the registration menu on the bike taxi service;
  6. Now go back to the order window on the SMS receiving service website. Copy the verification code (it will appear automatically) and use it to complete the registration.

After this procedure, you will receive a 50% discount on the first trip and the opportunity to order a taxi. In order to ride with such a discount constantly, get registered again before each trip: it is easy to do with virtual numbers.