How to create a account without a phone number

E-mail remains one of the main means of communication for Internet users, even despite the emergence and development of social networks. In Russia, is the most popular because it provides all the necessary tools for communication by mail (cloud, filters, the ability to send files, and so forth). Also, registration on is relatively simple: for account creation, you need to confirm your phone number or backup mail. However, there may arise problems here also. For example, if there is no backup mail and free number, but a mailbox is needed right now. In the article we will figure out how a virtual number will help solve the problem and will talk about other advantages of this tool.

Receive SMS online from

virtual numbers to receive SMS from mailru

There are situations when a user needs dozens, hundreds of e-mailboxes to make mailings or get registered via mail on websites and apps. Regardless of the goal, remains only one problem-where to get so many numbers. Upon buying physical SIM cards, you will have to fork out for the mandatory payment of the tariff and the card itself, as well as fill in a whole pile of papers. There is a method to avoid this and get registered an unlimited amount of times on without leaving home. We will talk about the service of receiving SMS online.

How it works

The SMS receiving service is developed for users who experience difficulties with registration on the website or app, whether it is one or dozens of accounts. Instead of buying SIM cards, we rent virtual numbers that are easy to get on the SMS verification service. Virtual numbers differ from physical ones in that they are used remotely and for other purposes. The SIM card is predominantly needed for incoming and outgoing calls, as well as mobile Internet. Temporary numbers are needed for receiving SMS, and sometimes calls. Because of the limited functionality, the cost of verification on and other services through the number is reduced to a minimum.

The advantages of using virtual numbers

To rent a virtual number, there is no need to fill in documents, which allows simplifying the registration procedure on and other services. Such number is not linked to your identity and is provided for use for 5-15 minutes to receive SMS to it. In this regard, the price for the service is several times lower than the purchase of a SIM card. For example, a Russian number for will cost only 0.27 USD. At the same time, the money will be debited only if an SMS message arrives. This guarantees that you will register an account for the money spent.

Another advantage of virtual numbers is that the user can choose a number of one of 180+ countries. This allows to get registered even on foreign online services that do not welcome users from your region. Just rent a number of the country where the service is available and register an account without hindrance.

In addition, temporary numbers protect the user’s personal data. For example, you have registered on some unreliable website in order to participate in the lottery through a phone number. Instead of the long-awaited winnings, strange SMS and calls begin to arrive on the phone, where “bank employees" ask to send them money from your card. It will be difficult to protect yourself from this, because your number is already in the fraudulent database and it’s only a matter of time before it stops. A simple solution is to get registered through virtual numbers while maintaining confidentiality. In this case, your personal number will be protected not only from fraudsters, but also from all kinds of spam in the form of advertising of goods and services.

Buy a phone number for account registration

how to buy number for mailru

Buying a virtual number takes a couple of minutes. We will show this procedure on the example of and describe each step in details.

  1. First of all, go to the website. Here we can rent numbers not only for, but also for other services. Go through a simple registration via email to get access to the functionality.
  2. Top up the balance with an amount equivalent to the quantity of numbers you want to purchase for Please note that the cost varies depending on the service from which you need to receive SMS and the parameters of the number itself (country, operator).
  3. Now select the country of the number. Almost any country is suitable for, therefore choose to your taste, the list is on the left side of the screen. Then scroll the page down and select one of the operators (virt). If there are no preferences, skip this step, the system will automatically select the parameters.
  4. Scroll the page down and select “” service in the list on the left, click on it and tap “Buy". The ctrl+F keyboard shortcut will help speed up the search.
  5. If everything is done correctly, will appear a window with the number which you need to copy and paste into the registration field.
  6. It remains to go back to the 5sim website and wait until the necessary information is displayed in the “Code” window.

As you can see, there is no need of extra bureaucracy to rent a number: it all comes down to a few steps. If arise difficulties with receiving SMS, contact the technical support, which will promptly solve the problems during working hours.