How to create a Howzat account without a phone number

Fantasy sports have become an integral part of Indian culture. Projects, dedicated to fantasy competitions, regularly appear on the web. It works like this: users choose an upcoming match (based on real events), then make up their own virtual team, gaining athletes. However, there is a little limitation-only players from competing teams are available for recruitment. In order to take part in the virtual competition, download the Howzat App from the official website and get registered. However, you will not be able to create an account without an Indian phone number.

Indian virtual numbers for SMS from Howzat

virtual numbers to receive-SMS from howzat

In most cases, Indian online resources operate only for local users. This restriction does not allow people from abroad to enjoy fantasy competitions. The solution to this situation is the one-Indian virtual numbers to receive SMS . Such numbers are available to any user, no matter where in the world he is (if there is an Internet access).

Virtual numbers are used remotely and are not assigned to the user, thus there is no need to visit communication salon and fill out documents with confidential information in order to purchase them. You won’t have to worry about tariffs either, since a temporary number has one goal-to accept SMS.

SMS receiving is widespread among users who are concerned about privacy. Many cases are known when databases with millions of numbers and other data were leaked to the network, on which scammers later worked. To be protected from this, accounts on Internet platforms are registered through virtual numbers.

Another advantage of virtual numbers is that they give the opportunity to get registered on the same service repeatedly. The purpose can be different-from creating an additional page on a social network to hunting for bonuses. About the latter we will talk more detailed. Bonus hunters find platforms which give welcome bonuses for registration. For example, on the delivery service, this may be a discount for the first order.

In the case of Howzat, the user receives a bonus of up to 3,000 rupees on the first deposit. This is a significant amount, which is taken almost from the air, considering that the cost of an Indian number for Howzat starts from 0.08 USD. Just imagine how much a player increases the chances of earning money when he receives a bonus for each deposit. Virtual numbers make this possible: just register a new account before each replenishment.

How to earn on Howzat

In fantasy sports, people fight not only for interest, but also for real money. If we are talking about a regular match, then the players make the same bets and the winner takes it all. During the tournaments, participants make an entrance fee, then the total amount + bonus from the office is distributed among the winners.

Three types of sport are available on Howzat: cricket, football and Kabaddi. It is important to understand that fantasy sport is not a game of luck. When assembling a team, focus not only on the players’ statistical indicators, but also the weather conditions, the game place, motivation and much more. Only those who really understand sport can consistently earn from fantasy competitions.

Buy Indian number for registration on Howzat

In order to buy an Indian number for registration on Howzat, use the SMS receiving service. Below is the detailed instruction on how to do this.

  1. Open the website and create an account from which you will buy numbers in the future. Only E-mail is needed. The registration button itself is located in the upper right corner;
  2. Next, top up the balance by clicking on the special button. On the new account it looks like “0” and displays the current balance. Debit cards, E-wallets and payment systems are available for replenishment;
  3. On the left side of the virtual numbers service there is the list of countries and operators from which SMS receiving is possible. Find the item “India” in the list and click on it. Then select one of the operators (located just below the countries). If the code does not arrive, try changing the operator and taking the number again. It’s free, the money will be debited only in case of receiving SMS;
  4. Under the list of countries and operators there is the list of websites and applications available for receiving SMS. Select “howzat” and click on the green “Buy” button;
  5. The order window of virtual number is opened automatically. Copy the digits and paste them into the registration menu on the Howzat App;
  6. Now go back to the order window on the SMS receiving service website. Copy the verification code (it will appear automatically) and use it to complete the registration.

Except India, the SMS receiving service offers more than 180 countries. Get registered on any foreign services being in a different part of the world. And also use virtual numbers in order to save, or even earn on bonuses for registration. The given instruction is relevant for all services from the 5sim list. Do not forget to choose a country and an operator before proceeding to the number purchase.