How to create a Google Voice account without a phone number

Google Voice is a free service which provides connection between users on the principle of VoIP. For calls and messages is used Internet, not mobile connection. The advantage is that the user gets a new number which is integrable with different devices. Google Voice also has artificial intelligence that helps to identify spam calls. To start using the service, download the official App to your computer or phone. CIS users may have difficulties with registration since the platform breaches local laws. From the article you will learn how to bypass this restriction and use Google Voice from any country.

Receive SMS online from Google Voice

virtual numbers to receive SMS from googlevoice

Google Voice operates without restrictions only in the USA and in some countries. This is due to the fact that the platform stores all data of users on its servers. Therefore, many countries themselves restrict their residents' access to the service. Fortunately, there is a simple way to get past this “invisible wall”- virtual numbers .

Authorization on Google Voice works via Google mail. Exactly based on it the service determines which country the user is from. In order to get access to the service, we recommend to register an email under the guise of a user from the USA. This is easy to do using virtual numbers.

Virtual numbers: this is service which is provided by the SMS receiving service. Users temporarily rent numbers of more than 180 countries around the world. To get such a number you do not need to confirm your identity through passport data and fill in documents. Just select the country, the operator and the service from which you want to receive SMS.

We also recommend changing your IP address to a foreign one at the moment of creating Google mail and using Google Voice.

Functionality of Google Voice

The service gives the user a number which is used for connection from a computer, mobile or landline phone with Internet access. The number supports blacklists, automatic call reception, forwarding and transcription of voice messages.

VoIP telephony is useful for both ordinary users and entrepreneurs. The cost of calls on the territory of the USA and Canada is free. For foreign calls, the price starts from 0.01 USD per minute, which is beneficial for all users.

There is also the opportunity to make conference calls and record conversations. Such functionality is useful for entrepreneurs who have a call center. Google Voice reduces the cost of calls and optimizes the work with calls.

Buy a phone number to register a Google Voice account

Let’s study in more details how to buy a virtual number and get registered on Google Voice from any country. Since Google mail is required for authorization, we will create a mail account. We will need temporary numbers of the USA or another country in which the telephony service operates. Below is a detailed step-by-step instruction starting from number renting and ending with confirmation of a Google account by SMS.

  1. To choose and rent a virtual number, you need to get registered on the website. The procedure is simple, you will need to confirm your Email and come up with a password. The registration button itself is located at the top of the website.
  2. To top up the balance use a debit card, an electronic wallet, a payment system or crypto currency. The deposit button looks like “0” and displays the balance at the moment.
  3. Next, specify the parameters of the number that we use to receive SMS from Google. On the left side of the website you will see the available countries-choose from them the one on which the Google Voice service works (for example, the USA). Immediately below the list of countries, specify the operator (virt4, virt8, and so forth).
  4. To select the service from which you want to receive an SMS, scroll the page down where the desired list will be. To speed up the process, we recommend the keyboard shortcut ctrl +F (a field for entering a search query will appear on the top). Regardless of the method, you need to find the service “google”. Click on the desired item and then “Buy".
  5. If everything is done correctly, an order form will automatically appear. From there, copy the number and use Google mail for registration.
  6. Go back to the 5sim website and wait for the confirmation code to appear in the window from where the number was copied. Then complete the registration.

The 5sim website provides numbers and for Google Voice itself. If it is necessary to receive SMS, repeat the above described procedure, but specify a different service. Also, do not forget to choose the US as a number country or another one in which the App works.