How to create a EarnEasy account without a phone number

For many, earnings from phone seem something unreal, especially if it does not require special skills. The Indian EarnEasy App (available on PlayMarket) dispelled this myth and gave everyone the opportunity to earn. Get registered on websites, download applications and earn real money on this. The only limitation is that you need an Indian phone number for registration on the EarnEasy App. This problem is solved with the help of virtual numbers about which we will describe in details in this article.

Indian virtual numbers for SMS from EarnEasy

virtual numbers to receive SMS from earneasy

Virtual numbers of India and other countries are used to receive SMS from online services. Regular numbers are not always suitable for this, since there are regional and other restrictions, as in the case of EarnEasy (available only for Indian numbers).

Another difference of virtual numbers is that it is easier to get them: without going to the mobile phone salon, filling in documents and other difficulties. Instead, go to the website of the SMS receiving service , get registered and rent an Indian virtual number for EarnEasy for just 0.08 USD (ten times lower than the cost of a SIM card and a tariff plan). At the end of the article there is a detailed instruction on how to manage this.

Virtual numbers are only rented, you can’t buy them permanently. The purpose of the lease is the registration on a particular website or application. The user will not be able to call from such a number, but the opportunity to receive SMS remains. This is enough for registration on most online services.

The main peculiarity of virtual numbers is their quantity. This implies several possibilities:

  • If the main account (for example, on a social network) is blocked, there is always an opportunity to create a new one;
  • Multiple registration on the application for the purpose of getting welcome bonuses;
  • The opportunity to create additional accounts on social networks and messengers in order to use for personal or business purposes.

The most attractive thing from the list above is multi-accounting for the purpose of collecting welcome bonuses. Many delivery services, taxis, marketplaces, etc. attract new users through welcome bonuses. It can be money on balance, discounts, free deliveries, bonus goods, coupons for additional services. EarnEasy is also no exception: new users earn the first 50 rupees already for downloading the App for earnings and getting registered.

Virtual numbers remove the user’s limit on the registrations quantity on one service. If in an usual case it is difficult to create more than one account, receiving SMS online increases this number thousands of times (if necessary).

Virtual numbers will help to maintain anonymity and protect yourself from calls and SMS from unfamiliar numbers. Since a computer or a phone with Internet access is enough to rent a temporary number, this procedure is simplified so much that people prefer to rent virtual numbers rather than use their personal SIM cards.

How to earn on EarnEasy

After registration on the App, the user has two options for earning: to perform tasks or invite referrals (people who have registered using his link). In the first case, everything is simple: immediately on the main page there are offers from advertisers. Basically, you need to download other apps and get registered, but there are cases when you need to play a game or make a purchase (with an increased reward).

The initial user balance is 50 bonus rupees. To withdraw this money, you need to earn another 200 rupees by inviting referrals or completing tasks. To speed up this process, invite friends and acquaintances to the App, receiving a reward of up to 15 rupees for them.

Virtual numbers will help to increase earnings in EarnEasy several times. To do this, create additional accounts by your referral link to get not only a welcome 50 rupees for each account, but also an additional 15 rupees for the invitation. However, remember that in order to withdraw the 50 bonus rupees, you need to accumulate another 200.

Buy Indian number for registration on EarnEasy

Finally, let’s move on to Indian number renting for registration on EaernEasy in order to get access to the App and the opportunity to create additional accounts.

  1. Open the website and find the registration button, which is located in the upper right corner. It is required to enter your E-mail and come up with a password in order to create an account to purchase virtual numbers;
  2. Top up the balance through an E-wallet, crypto currency or debit card. To do this, find the “0” button and click on it. The button is located on the top right corner and displays the user’s current balance;
  3. There is the list of countries on the left. Find India in the list and click on it. Then lower the page down to see the list of operators (virtual23, virtual30, etc.). Choose one of them if you need a specific operator;
  4. Scroll the page down until you see the list of services, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F and enter the name “earneasy”. As you find the necessary application, click on it and tap on the green “Buy” button;
  5. If a form with a number appears, then you did everything right. It remains to copy the number (without the country code 91) and paste it into the EarnEasy registration field.
  6. Go back to the form with the number and wait for the code to appear. If the SMS does not arrive for several minutes, cancel the number and try to take another operator (do not forget to specify India). The money will be returned to the balance until the code arrives. This completes the procedure. Use virtual numbers of more than 180 countries to get registered on closed foreign services. And also maintain anonymity and earn on welcome bonuses.

This completes the procedure. Use virtual numbers of more than 180 countries to get registered on closed foreign services. And also maintain anonymity and earn on welcome bonuses.