How to create a Dahadaha account without a phone number

Dahadaha is a local app for residents of Turkey, which was developed by Coca-Cola Company. The purpose of the app is to motivate people to buy branded fizzy drink (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite). For this, users receive various bonuses: chances to win big prizes, coupons for stores and much more. To use Dahadaha, it is necessary to get registered on the app. The first step is to confirm the number via SMS (at the moment of writing the article, the app accepts only Turkish numbers, thus users may have difficulties with registration). The second and last step is filling in personal data and confirming the mail, there should be no difficulties here.

Receive SMS online from Dahadaha

виртуальные номера для приема смс от dahadaha

When we go to the main page of the app, we will immediately see information about the global raffle, where the service gives TVs, smartphones, speakers, smart watches and other electronics to users who scan barcodes from the lids of branded drinks. All the specified prizes are raffled off between the participants at the end of the promotion.

Of the guaranteed bonuses, 1 liter of Coca-Cola is stand out for ordering combo lunches at the Dominos Catering Cafe. The well-known Burger King network also participates in the action.

The main function of Dahadaha is scanning barcodes for the purpose of earning bonuses that are exchanged for fizzy drinks, Internet, subscription in video viewing services, game currency and promo codes at McDonalds. Also, the app users regularly receive favorable promo codes that allow them to buy Coca-Cola products at a big discount. At the moment of writing the article, Dahadaha is distributing 6000 promo codes that allow ordering fizzy drinks with a discount of 15 Turkish lira. Such offers are very beneficial, but coupons are disposable and are issued in limited quantities.

To get a maximum benefit from limited promo codes, we recommend creating additional Dahadaha accounts. For this virtual numbers are required, since accounts need to be confirmed via SMS, and physical SIM cards will not be enough to create a large quantity of accounts.

Advantages of virtual numbers for receiving SMS are:

  • They are rented remotely, without filling in documents;
  • The cost is several times lower than that of a SIM card;
  • They are provided in unlimited quantities for each user;
  • They protect your personal number from unwanted calls and SMS.

By renting virtual numbers for receiving SMS, you get the opportunity to get registered on closed foreign websites and applications. For example, the Dahadaha service operates only for Turkish users. If you are in Turkey, but do not want to deal with getting a local SIM card, it is easier to use a virtual number of this country. In such a way you do not have to overpay for the tariff and spend time searching for a suitable cellular salon. The service of renting virtual numbers provides numbers of more than 180 countries around the world.

Buy a phone number for Dahadaha account registration

The purchase of a virtual number is carried out in just a few clicks. Below you will see step-by-step instruction on working with the SMS receiving service.

  1. Open the website, then click on the “Registration” button in the upper right corner. It remains to confirm the email and come up with a password.
  2. Before renting a number, you need to top up the balance. The cost of a Turkish virtual number for Dahadaha starts from about 0.23 USD. The replenishment button is located at the top and displays the current balance (after registration it is 0). There are several methods to deposit: debit cards, E-wallets, cryptocurrency and payment systems.
  3. Next, you need to specify the country from which number is being rent. The list of countries is on the left side of the page.
  4. Go down and find the list of operators immediately under the countries (virt1, virt4, virt32 and so forth). Choose an operator or skip this step, if there are no specific preferences, the system will choose the optimal option itself.
  5. Under operators, the list of websites and applications available for receiving SMS to the selected number begins. We are interested in the item “dahadaha”-find it manually or using the ctrl+F hotkey, then left-click and tap “Buy".
  6. A window with information about the number appeared. Copy the number and use it for registration on Dahadaha.
  7. Go back to the 5sim website and wait for the code to appear in the same window from where you took the number. If a few minutes have passed and the SMS does not arrive, cancel the purchase and try to change the operator or country. The money will not be debited from the balance until the SMS arrives to the purchased virtual number.

It remains to use the received code for Dahadaha account confirmation. Please pay attention that the virtual number is issued for a few minutes, therefore use it immediately after payment.