How to create a CELEBe account without a phone number

CELEBe quickly gained popularity among users around the world. This is an App that combines leisure and earnings in itself. CELEBe is the Korean analogue of TikTok, on which users receive money for any activity: starting from watching other people’s videos and ending with the growing popularity of the account. Awards are credited in the form of tokens, which are subsequently exchanged for real money at a favorable rate. CELEBe is developed in Korea, but is available for almost all countries. In order to create a CELEBe account, use Gmail or phone number. At this stage, users from the CIS may have difficulties, since SMS does not arrive to the numbers of countries from this group.

Receive SMS online from CELEBe

virtual numbers to receive SMS from сelebe

The App pays users for literally everything: watching videos, subscribing, liking, commenting. Users are also rewarded for their activity on their own channel. The amount of earnings depends on the level which are only 7. To increase the level, you need to gain subscribers and views on your own videos. For example, 500 subscribers and 10,000 views on the channel are enough to reach to the 5th stage. At this level, the maximum income is 10,000 tokens per day, which is approximately 30 USD.

Also, all new users receive 500 tokens if they enter a special code after registration. CELEBe is very easy to master, even for registration it is enough to specify a phone number or Gmail.

If you do not want to use the personal number or E-mail for CELEBe, we recommend the service SMS receiving online . This technology allows to get a virtual number temporarily in order to get registered through it on the necessary service.The advantages of virtual numbers are as follows:

  1. Low registration price. If compare a virtual number with a regular SIM card, its cost is ten times lower. The cost of receiving SMS from CELEBe starts from 0.06 USD;
  2. Availability. The temporary number is used remotely, and there is no need to specify passport data to get it. The user rents any quantity of numbers without any problems;
  3. Virtual numbers give the opportunity of multiple registrations on one service.

How to increase earnings on CELEBe with the help of virtual numbers

If create additional accounts with the help of virtual numbers, you can increase video coverage by uploading similar or one-type content to different channels. In addition, there is an opportunity to receive 500 tokens bonus for each registration.

CELEBe limits income to the user level. Accordingly, increasing the quantity of accounts removes this barrier. No restrictions will prevent from earning hundreds of thousands of tokens per day. And for this it is enough to upload a video to the channel. The system will do the rest for you.

Buy phone number for registration a CELEBe account

The advantage of virtual numbers is that the client gets the opportunity to remotely rent numbers of more than 180 countries. This removes any regional restrictions for users of the CIS and other regions. Since, it is enough to rent a number of the country from which the necessary online service is available.

  1. Go to the website of the SMS receiving service called . Then go through the registration procedure. To get access to the number renting no documents are required, only e-mail;
  2. After registration you need to top up the balance. Click on the button in the form of “0" in the upper right corner, then choose a convenient replenishment method;
  3. Let’s move on to choosing a suitable number. On the left side of the page, select the country to which the number will belong. Immediately under the countries, click on one of the operators (virt4, virt3 and so on). If the operator does not matter, skip this point;
  4. Scroll the page down until the list of services appears on the left. We are interested in the “CELEBe” field-click on it, then press on the appearing “Buy” button;
  5. A block containing information about the number will appear automatically. Copy the number and paste it into the CELEBe registration field;
  6. Go back to the 5sim website and wait for the combination for completing registration to appear in the “Code” window. If the code does not arrive, change the country or operator. The money for the unused number will be returned to the balance.

As you can see, receiving SMS online is easy and convenient. Without visiting the mobile phone salon, paying tariffs and other red tape. Instead, it is enough to choose a virtual number for the necessary service, pay for the purchase and get registered. Any user is not limited in the quantity and quality of numbers. Choose any countries, operators and services.