How to create a 1mg account without a phone number

Everyone knows such marketplaces as Ozon or AliExpress. In India, an analogue of similar websites has been launched, specializing in medical services and health products. Doctors get registered on 1mg in order to find clients for online consultations, drawing up a treatment plan and other services. The marketplace is also open to entrepreneurs who sell dietary supplements, medical devices, skin products, vitamins and analgesics. In their turn, ordinary 1mg users purchase goods or services posted by doctors and suppliers. The service operates in the territory of India, therefore an appropriate phone number is required for registration. If you have any difficulties with registration on 1mg, this article will help to solve the problem.

Indian virtual numbers for SMS from 1mg

virtual numbers to receive SMS from 1mg

Not only indigenous people live on the territory of India, but also visitors. It is more difficult for these people to master the local language, rules and traditions. Accordingly, the purchase of a SIM card and the tariff selection become a problem. There is a solution for such users-Indian virtual numbers for receiving SMS. To obtain such a number, there is no need to know the Indian language, fill out documents with confidential information and go to a cellular communication salon.

Virtual numbers are provided by the SMS receiving service in a remote mode, so they are available to user from anywhere in the world. Choose any country of a number (not only India, but also the USA, Russia, England and more than 180 countries) in order to get registered on foreign services worldwide.

Virtual number is also used to maintain privacy or avoid SMS and calls with advertising. Upon registration on marketplaces, the user is often notified about various promotions, but not everyone needs it.

Temporary number is easy to operate. To perform SMS receiving online on the necessary service, it is enough to press a few buttons. Meanwhile, the price of such a number is many times lower than SIM cards. For instance, 1mg account confirmation price starts from just 0.06 USD. Hence another advantage of receiving SMS stems-the opportunity to get registered on the same service with number confirmation repeatedly.

How to order goods cheaper on 1mg

All the new 1mg users get a 25% discount on the first order of medical products. However, the offer is valid only once. Since the bonus is given for registration, it means there is a need to create a new account before each purchase. And that is easy to do when there are virtual numbers, the cost of which is much lower than the potential benefit from the discount. At the same time, the base of disposable numbers is updated constantly, therefore you are not limited in the quantity of registrations in any way.

Buy Indian number for registration on 1mg

In order to buy an Indian number for registration on 1mg, follow the instruction in which all the steps of buying and using a temporary number are described in details.

  1. Go to the website and click on the “Registration” button in the upper right corner of the page, then enter a valid email address and password;
  2. Open the balance replenishment section, specify the necessary amount and a convenient payment system (debit cards, E-wallets and etc.). If you are going to create several accounts for getting discounts, we recommend replenishing with a margin (the cost of Indian numbers for 1mg starts from 0.06 USD);
  3. On the left side of the page there is the list of available countries and operators, select country “India” and the appropriate operator. To simplify the search, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F. If the SMS does not arrive, try to change the operator, the money will be debited only if you receive the code;
  4. Go down the page until the list of services from which SMS receiving is possible appears on the left. Find the name “1mg”, click on it and tap “Buy”;
  5. After the purchase card appears, copy the received phone number from it. Then paste the given number into the registration field on 1mg and send a confirmation code to it;
  6. Go back to the SMS receiving service page and wait for the code to appear, which will allow to complete the registration.

This completes the registration procedure on 1mg through a virtual number. Order medicines, vitamins, dietary supplements and other useful goods and be healthy! And virtual numbers will help in this.