Fake number for SMS verification

Fake number for registration account Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Google and other.


Most of the modern services imply registration of the user by a phone number, that’s why it is impossible to get more than one account from one number. If you don’t have a second SIM card at hand (as well as the desire to sign a contract with the mobile operator), you can purchase fake number for registration of an additional account without leaving home on the specialized website, for example 5sim.net . It is significantly cheaper and more convenient, since in order to get a phone number you don’t have to wait for a SIM card, for a provision of personal data and replenishment of the balance. The irrelevance of these actions becomes increasingly evident when the phone is needed only for disposable registration, wherein it’s simpler to buy a fake number for receiving SMS than to think about how to use the money on the balance.

What a fake number is needed for?

The fake number isn’t different from the usual one with the exception that you don’t need to provide personal data for its design and it will take several minutes to get it. A user may have many different reasons to buy fake number , and almost all of them can significantly help to make profit. For example, on multiple registration of accounts, which can be sold in the store later: this especially relates to the sites Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Tinder, Amazon or profiles with subscribers, etc.

Another opportunity to make money is to register an account on a social network or messenger for implementation of advertising activities: the existence of several profiles will significantly enhance the efficiency of work and will allow to find your client exponentially faster.

Some online stores offer to the new users a rather large discount or give bonuses for registration. For example, regular sales on AliExpress are considerably profitable for those, who are making the first order, the same applies to Delivery Club and many other sites. In order not to spend extra money, on 5sim.net you can buy a temporary phone number and make a purchase as a new user: it will cost significantly cheaper, and you make such profitable purchases repeatedly, constantly purchasing temporary SMS for registration. The bonuses received for registration will be spent on the next purchases.

The more tickets there are, the higher is the chance of winning the lottery. This principle also operates with phone numbers, at which the presence of several accounts increases your probability to be among the winners. Similar lotteries are conducted by Nike SNKRS: by buying temporary number for OTP you double your own chances of winning and gain the opportunity to get exclusive branded shoes, released on a limited edition.

And of course, a second account can be created for personal purposes: correspondence, communication, participation in groups and discussions, and much more.

How to create a fake number?

There are various services that provide fake numbers. One of the most popular and trustworthy services is 5sim.net, providing a phone number immediately after purchase and allowing to receive an unlimited quantity of SMS-messages.

A temporary number can be obtained in the 24/7/365 mode. To manage this, you need to do the following:

  1. get registered on the website 5sim.net ;


  1. top up your bill;


  1. choose any of the numbers of the desired operator and country presented on the website;


  1. clarify the service and move on to purchase processing;


  1. enter the purchased phone number in the registration window and send an SMS with a confirmation code;


  1. wait for the SMS and the code to arrive: you will immediately see the corresponding notification in your personal cabinet, and if the tab is coiled, you will hear an audio alert.


The cost of a fake number with OTP bypass starts from 1 ruble, and due to the wide geography of phone binding (180 countries of the world, including Russia, Canada, USA, India, Pakistan, England, France) they can be used for Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Tinder, Amazon, Discord etc. After registering the number, you can use it for any needs: the user is charged only in the case if SMS arrives to the number.

5sim.net is a fully automated platform possessing multifunctional API for mass registration of accounts without the need to conduct work manually. Replenishment of the personal cabinet’s balance in a convenient way and with a minimum commission makes their usage maximally simple and effective in any country.

Choose a fake number on 5sim.net in order to take its advantages right now!